Design picture frames

Christmas picture frame as a gift for Christmas

Design picture frames: design

To make a picture frame yourself, only a handful of crafting tools are needed. The joy that you make family members or acquaintances with it, however, is huge. Beautifully engraved frames not only look great, they also impress with their personal touch.

Whether - as in our example - decorated with hearts or in own creation with stars, fir branches or snowmen. The Christmas picture frames fit perfectly into the local winter decoration.

For more complicated subjects, however, some practice is needed - it is best to try with the engraving pin first on a piece of wood.

material list

  • engraving pen

    Design picture frames: picture

    With the pencil motifs are drawn on the picture frame. An ornament of pretty leaf and stem patterns with hearts looks particularly appealing. Errors can be corrected quickly with the eraser. The pre-drawn lines should then be drawn with thick strokes to see how the design works.

    Engrave the main motifs

    Design picture frames: frames

    If the design was found to be good, gently and carefully erase the thick lines to soften and thin the lines. Then the engraving pen is used. With high level the design is engraved into the wood. Accumulating dust must be blown away immediately.

    Engrave small motifs

    Design picture frames: christmas

    After the large motifs are engraved, the filigree work begins - it can be used to a smaller engraving head. On the picture frame lying dust and dirt one removes with a soft cloth. If all patterns and motifs are clearly visible, the homemade picture frame is ready.

    Courtesy of Dremel.

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