Glue picture frames - you have these possibilities

Of course, you can take pictures out and put them in a high-quality new frame. But that does not necessarily have to be. With a little creativity and skill, the old picture frame can be upgraded a bit. Which possibilities are here, read in our contribution.

Foil picture frame

You can easily use matching furniture foil to visually enhance a frame. In addition to numerous wood decors are also available

  • other material imitations (metals, stone, etc.)
  • different surface structures
  • plain-colored foils
  • Decorative patterns

The filming is easy in and of itself, only at the corners you have to be careful. Always pull the film taut around the frame, cut the corners and overlap them.

Glue picture frame with shells

An interesting and trendy way to enhance picture frames is to stick them with shells. Such marine decors have been in vogue for years and look very attractive on wooden frames

All you need is a transparent adhesive or glue, some decorative sand and a few decorative shells. The whole thing is not expensive - usually you have to expect about 5 EUR - 6 EUR per kg of decorative shells and 2 - 4 EUR per kg decorative sand.

This can decorate a lot of picture frames. Of course, you can also use the remnants of this decoration for other purposes.

Glue picture frame with pebble mosaic

Glass mosaics are already ready for matening. This is very convenient because you can use it almost everywhere for pasting and decorating.

You can also use a mosaic in pebble optics to beautify a slightly wider picture frame. But do not use tile adhesives to apply them, but use another glue that adheres as well as possible - such as a suitable glue.

You can also stick stones on it yourself, but the frame will be rather heavy and it will not be safe to find out if you can find stones that match each other so that no holes are created in the frame.

They will not always succeed exactly in creating a completely clear edge - but that is precisely what makes the appeal of such decors.

Tips & Tricks

Be creative when it comes to pasting - everything from bottle caps to tile shards is possible. Best, of course, if the decoration material has a meaningful connection to the image in the frame.

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