Restore picture frames - you have these possibilities

If you have an old picture frame that does not look very nice, that's no reason to throw it away. What options you have to restore an old picture frame, and what you have to pay attention to, you will learn in our post.

Mending the picture frame

Picture frames made of wood can be easily repaired in damaged areas with wood putty. An old restaurateur trick is in the process of making the wood filler itself:

Mix chips and dust from the sanding with a very small amount of glue until a spreadable mass is formed. This mass you can use as a color and visually perfect wood spatula to repair.

For frames made of metal, there are special masses for repairing, plaster ornaments can be easily molded, re-cast and fastened.

Paint the picture frame

One way to make age and wear marks disappear is to paint the frame.

Before repainting, however, you must completely remove all old paint and varnish layers. This can sometimes be quite difficult - sanding often does not help here, especially if several different layers are on top of each other. Some sticky lacquer coats you get only with leaching of the frame surface.

After removing the old layers you have to prime again and only then you can provide the frame with a new colored coating.

You may need to pre-treat metals before painting, and not all colors will hold on all metals. In any case, let us advise you in detail which colors and which bonding agents you need and how to delete them.

Gilding an old frame could also be a possibility for restoration.

Restore antique picture frames

If your picture frame dates back to the beginning of the last century or even older, you should handle it very carefully.

You should not do restorations yourself with such picture frames - improper restorations can massively reduce the value of an old piece or even completely destroy it.

In such a case, contact a professional restorer and have your valuable, old frame restored by him.

Tips & Tricks

You do not always have to completely restore a frame so that it looks like new. Minor signs of wear or a little patina give old pieces a lot of charm and are often suitable.

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