Attach picture frames without drilling - you have these possibilities

Almost a classic: hit a nail in the wall to hang a picture. But even if in most cases this is still done in this way, it is not the only way to attach picture frames. How to hang a frame without nails on the wall, we tell you here.

Problems with nail attachment

If you have ever tried to hammer a nail into a massive concrete wall, you know that there are situations where attaching pictures to a nail is not necessarily the simplest option.

Even in crumbly plasters, nails can not be firmly fixed permanently, and in drywall walls nails also hold only very poorly and usually only with additional measures.

In such cases, a nailless attachment is clearly the better option.

Possibilities for fastening without nails

If you want to hang a picture frame on the wall and do not want to use nails, you have several options:

  • adhesive nails
  • Power strips
  • adhesive screws
  • assembly line
  • Installation glue

adhesive nails

Adhesive nails still come closest to the classic attachment. It is a nail that is embedded in an adhesive strip. The attachment varies, depending on which material the wall surface consists of:

  • Murals
  • plaster
  • tiling
  • metal

The load capacity of these fasteners is between 0.5 kg and 2 kg per fixing nail. Some nails are also adjustable. The attachment can be replaced even by sensitive surfaces again without a trace.

Power strips

Powerstrips are simply adhesive strips with high adhesion, which can be peeled off from any surface without a trace. You can easily glue picture frames to the wall using adhesive strips. The bond strength is slightly lower per strip, but you can easily use multiple strips.

adhesive screws

Adhesive screws are a bit more massive than glued nails and can therefore carry more weight (up to 3 kg depending on the surface). Otherwise they have similar characteristics.

assembly line

Assembly tapes are slightly larger versions of the power strips that can be used like a standard double sided tape. However, the load capacity is significantly higher - up to 20 kg per meter of belt are possible here.

Installation glue

Assembly adhesives are more suitable for permanent fixtures, so they are probably not the first choice for picture frames. But they have a higher adhesive force than all other variants and are therefore suitable for particularly heavy filled picture frames that are to be permanently attached.

Tips & Tricks

Adhesive nails and screws are also suitable as alternative fasteners in many other cases - for example in the bathroom, if no tiles are to be drilled.

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