Cleaning picture frames - that's the way it works best

Picture frames attract dirt on the wall very easily. They must therefore be cleaned regularly. The easiest way to do this and what to look for in high quality antique or gilded frames is explained in this article.

Note frame material when buying

Already at the purchase you should choose the frame material suitable, and make sure that it is easy to clean. If you prefer painted wooden frames, plastic frames or aluminum frames here. Raw wood is very delicate and difficult to clean, the same is true for slotted frames.

Basic rules for cleaning

For raw wood and slatted frames, never use wet cloths for cleaning. For all other frame types you can usually clean the frame with a damp cloth.

What you should not use in any frame

  • sharp cleaner
  • abrasive cleaners
  • Scratching or scouring cleaning equipment

That can not stand a frame - no matter what material it is made.

Cleaning glass

Basically you can use ordinary glass cleaner for the glass panes in the picture frame. However, always make sure that the product is as mild as possible.

Under no circumstances should the cleaner come into contact with the frame - aggressive glass cleaners can even damage plastic frames. For sensitive wooden frames, you should also avoid the use of glass cleaners for reasons of caution.

In addition, use glass cleaner only in very small quantities - if the cleaning liquid has penetrated into the inner frame, this can also seriously damage the image on the inside. To avoid this, it is always recommended to use the glass as much as possible to be cleaned while lying downIf you do not want to remove the image for cleaning, you should at least slightly tilt it when cleaning.

Cleaning of valuable frames

For precious or antique frames, you should be extra careful. More than with a soft frond to rid the image of dust you should not.

Also avoid excessive rubbing in the case of a gold-leaf-coated frame and moisture in any circumstance - otherwise, over time, more and more gold particles inevitably come off, until once the chalk layer is visible underneath. Use too No way classic household cleaners or detergents.

Tips & Tricks

Antique frames and paintings should definitely be cleaned by a specialist. Professional restorers can do this with special methods so gently that no damage is done.

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