Pigeons grave - with these possibilities it works

As harmless as pigeons look - they can be a veritable plague. Especially the pigeon droppings can possibly cause severe damage to the building fabric and the roof. In many cases, only a professional pigeon defense helps here. Find out what options are available in this article.

Pigeons can be a nuisance

Pigeons are quite common, especially in urban areas. No wonder, as they usually find enough food there as well.

However, when pigeons nest in unfavorable places, the strain of the pigeon dung can often quickly become unbearable. Moreover, if it is not removed - or can be removed - it will cause significant damage to the building's appearance over time.

Pigeons grave - with these possibilities it works: works

For many historic buildings, the burden of pigeon droppings is one of the biggest risks they are exposed to, so here is set to a professional pigeon defense, which usually also perform exterminators.

In addition, there are some more or less effective ways to keep pigeons from nesting.

What can be done against pigeons

  • Pointed nails to make it impossible for the pigeons to land
  • Plastic trenches, which are a warning signal for pigeons
  • Doves scare
  • Pigeons are usually able to learn and avoid dangerous places for them

Scare helps too

Pigeons do not see very badly in the dark until practically not at all - loud noises near their nesting area are therefore often terrifying, and almost always lead to the sleeping place being abandoned after a few times. Here is often enough already a loud bang or a similar frightening noise.

Tips & Tricks

If you attach plastic trenches, you should do this some distance from the nesting area and possibly a little further up. This has the biggest deterrent effect on the pigeons.

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