Piñata make for the children's birthday

Piñata make for the children's birthday: birthday

In some Latin American countries may participate in festivals in public or in the family the Piñata not missing - a colorful figure made of papier-mâché or laminated paper layers filled with sweets or fruit.

Originally the Piñata from China, then came via Italy and Spain to South America and also offers a pretty game idea for children's birthday parties in Europe today.

The gameplay comes to children immediately: The filled figure is with a rope on a tree branch, a basketball hoop or something similar attached high-altitude object.

Then be one child's eyes alternately connected. While the others Children sing a song, trying to break the piñata with a strong stickso that the sweets can fall out and be distributed among all children.

Is the song over, can the next child be lucky?request. This is fun, exciting and brings a little treat to all - enough reasons to even tinker a piñata.

That's how you make your Piñata

Decide first for a shape or figure, You can choose freely, such as the favorite child of the birthday child, an item that fits the theme of the birthday or a pure fantasy form - there are no rules or rules.

The important thing is that the Piñata sufficient offers large cavity, in the candy or small gifts fit for all children. The easiest way to do this is with spherical designs, but you can also try on a square body.

Create the basic form of Piñata

Piñata make for the children's birthday: paper

On a large balloon or a beach ball you stick with the help of Normalalkleister in layers paper scraps.

The Piñata is often made of "real" Pappmaschee made, so from a pulpHowever, working with each other is a little easier laminated paper layersthat we describe here.

Blow first the balloon or the beach ball if you want to create a spherical shape. In order for a square Piñata to open later, you can cut out the side walls generously, so only Leave the bottom and lid intact and the openings with newspaper überkleben.

Then mix 125 grams of normal conditioner with 6 liters of water Let it swell and stir it vigorously again. With the finished Paste is the balloon, ball or cardboard coated.

Place the Scrap paper from torn newspaper in the wet pastet. The snippets should overlap each other on the mold and be pressed with the paste brush. If a layer is complete, let it dry for a while. Now another layer of paste is applied, in which one put paper shreds again and rub them down.

In this way, several layers are applied. For children it should be five to seven layers, with a piñata for adults it can be twice as many.

Piñata make for the children's birthday: children

If the body is well dried, it is cut open, one removes the remains of the balloon or ball. Then more parts can be attached, here are already attached the legs.

It is important that the Piñata can carry the weight of the stuffingwithout deforming too much. But it should not be too thick, so that the children still have a chance - papier-mâché or Laminated paper layers can be surprisingly stable after drying his.

Now the basic form of the Piñata must thoroughly dry out. That can be done take several daysSo, start crafting in time for the day of the celebration!

With a needle then the balloon or ball is pierced inside. Subsequently you cut an opening for fillingRemove loose balloon or cardboard remnants and put in the sweets.

You can do that too Mix confetti and similar material, which results in smashing an even more impressive effect.

The opening must not be too big, because you have to then again so with Close several newsprint layers of newsprint paperso that she is no longer recognizable.

More elaborate Piñata forms

Piñata make for the children's birthday: children

Now the figure has also received her head. It was made with the help of a smaller balloon, the ears and the muzzle are made of gekleisterten Papierknäueln.

Parallel to the basic form, you can add other components to make the Pinata. So something head and legs for an animal figure, petals for a big flower or wheels for a car.

To do this, you conceal matching ones again Basic forms with paper or shape the pieces of pulp, If necessary, you can insert a framework of coated wire - better not to use a bare wire as it can rust, Flat shapes, such as leaves, can also be made from a paper-glued wire silhouette.

The other parts can be connected with the basic form of the piñata by gluing them on or attaching them with glue and around the Joint around one to two layers of paper laminated.

Paint and decorate Piñata

Piñata make for the children's birthday: paper

With an imaginative painting, the Piñata only becomes perfect. Bright colorful poster colors are very well suited for this.

For painting the Piñata are suitable well-covering acrylic or poster colors in bright colors, Watercolors are less recommendable as they cover worse and contain too much water.

The colors and patterns you can of course choose freely. children like it colorful, so actually lie with clear primary colors never wrong.

In addition to the painting make glued applications of rhinestones, colored paper, small objects and other craft items the Piñata more attractive.

But always remember which fate of the colored figure is ultimately to come, and Do not exaggerate when decorating - otherwise you will find your work too late to smash.

Hang Piñata

Piñata make for the children's birthday: children

If you fill confetti or other colored pieces of paper in the body in addition to the sweets, the effect is particularly effective when opening.

Finally, it is still hanging. That works with one thin rope or a strong cord that you loop around the Piñata - The rope guide depends on the shape.

Attach the Sbut never alone on an attached part, because that could tear off at the first blow.

There must be enough room for movement around the Piñata, so that the Spectators are safely out of reach of the stick and no other objects can be hit.

The Height is right when the kids reach them comfortably with the stick, but you can not run against the character yourself.

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