Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: cones

During the Advent season, an Advent wreath shortens the waiting for Christmas Eve and Christmas. For this, a wreath blank is decorated with fir branches and other decorative elements, such as pine cones or ribbon bow and finally put the candles on the brackets. Likewise, there are Christmas door wreaths and Advent arrangements, which can be designed with cones in different shapes and sizes.

Anyone wishing to create their own wreath or arrangement will find on this page ideas for crafting individual Christmas decorations with pine cones, candles or flowers.

3 deco ideas for Advent wreaths with cones

These original craft ideas for Advent wreaths bring a breath of fresh air into the traditional Christmas decoration.

Christmas door wreath with pine cones

To retouch the Advent wreath shown above, you need a wreath blank, fir branches, cones and various decorative elements, such as ornamental berries or evergreen plants, which are also used as an accessory in Advent bouquets. He can also be transformed into an Advent wreath with candle holders and pillar candles. Another idea for a Christmas wreath with pine cones is our crafting instructions Christmas tree wreath made of pine cones.

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: advent

Modern Advent wreath with cones Christmas wreath of pine cones

In this variant spruce cones replace the usual fir green. The spruce cones are attached to the blank with a strong all-round or hot glue and then decorated with colorful stars, baubles, nuts, cinnamon sticks and candles. Dekotipp: For a particularly atmospheric effect, the Advent wreath is positioned in front of a mirror that optically doubles the candlelight.

Green pinecone christmas wreath with ball candles

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: advent

Green pinecone christmas wreath with ball candles

Another festive idea is a mix of pine branches and small cones that are embedded in the wreath. Brown or deep blue ball candles on large leaves submerge the room in a soft light and are the dark colors to a noble Christmas decoration for cold winter days.

For those who prefer more color, they replace the brown candles with apricot-colored copies and embellish the Advent arrangement with a light ribbon of transparent fabric.

safety Tip

Basically, candles should only be left burning under supervision to not burn down completely. It should also be noted that no branches, Leaves or other decoration is located too close to the flame. Likewise, only candles with RAL certification should be used. Candles with this seal have an optimal burn-off behavior, are free from harmful ingredients and smell less.

Make elegant Christmas decorations with pine cones yourself

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: pine

Fine Christmas decoration with pine cones.

Thanks to their different shapes and sizes, pine cones are ideal for crafting Christmas decorations or festive arrangements. If they look less rustic, they are combined with flowers and fresh shades. From rose heads, purple Christmas tree balls, pine cones and a bed of fir green creates a harmonious combination. The highlight is the star-shaped candle in the middle, which fits perfectly into the overall picture due to the bright color.

Differentiate cones from fir, pine and spruce

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: pine

Pine cones have a rather rounded shape, while pine cones hang from the branches.

Whether in Advent wreaths, Christmas arrangements or in bouquets: cones can be found in Advent in a variety of decorations, after all, they are excellently suitable for crafting and decorating. In addition, they emit a pleasant scent in the living rooms and open with crackling noises when they are placed in a closed form on the heater or the fireplace.

However, the term "pine cones" is misleading, as most cones are derived from pine or spruce instead of fir. The difference is apparent both in appearance and growth on the trees. For example, real ones are growing pinecone standing upright on the branches. Against it hang Fichtenzapfen at their branches.

Pine cones for Christmas decorations and Advent arrangement: advent

Spruce cones differ from pine cones by their elongated shape.

When the cones of the fir are ripe, they fall apart so that the individual scales with the seeds fall to the ground.

In contrast, the cones of pine, spruce or larch already open on the trees and throw off the seeds before they fall down as a whole. The seeds also have small "sails", with which they are carried away by the wind.

Also coniferous coniferous trees look very decorative in the garden. These woods include, for example:

  • Korean Teapot (Abies koreana)
  • Conifer spruce (Picea abies "Acrocona")
  • Blue pine (Pinus parviflora "Glauca")

When do pine cones open?

Regardless of which cones you use for crafting, most specimens close to moisture. Only in dry and warm air they open or jump up and throw off the seeds. For this reason, you should dry collected cones on the heater so that they unfold to their full size and smell pleasant.

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