Build a table tennis table yourself - is that possible?

Table tennis is a nice pastime - even on rainy days in the garage. Of course, a suitable table tennis table is needed to play. Whether you can build such a table yourself, and what you should pay attention, read in detail in this post.

Problems with DIY

For self-construction, there are already some problems that need to be mastered:

  • Stable plate construction
  • plate size
  • substructure
  • Properties of the plate
  • Exterior suitability of the plate

Stable plate construction

The table tennis table must be absolutely stable despite its relative size. It must not bend. Depending on the material, very high plate thicknesses may be required. The plate must be absolutely flat and even.

plate size

Table tennis tables have a standard size of 9 ft x 5 ft. In metric units, this is 2.74 m x 1.525 m. The height of the table is also standardized with exactly 76 cm. The net is located exactly in the middle of the plate.

A composition of the plate is usually not possible because the complete flatness of the surface can hardly be achieved. This is absolutely necessary for a decent game.


It must be built a substructure that supports the plate on as much of the length as possible. Because of the height of 76 cm may also be a very large older table can be used, whose legs are cut accordingly to reach the correct height.

Properties of the plate

The surface of the plate must be absolutely flat. Even the slightest bumps cause the ball to "skip". This affects the game significantly.

For this purpose, the surface must be designed or coated so that the ball ricochets strong enough, but in turn does not rebound too much. As a guideline is: If you drop the ball from 30 cm height, he should jump between 22 and 25 cm high. Then the surface texture is correct.

Exterior suitability of the plate

Wood tends to warp when the humidity changes and also to become wavy. If the board is left unprotected outside, it is important to coat the wood strong enough to avoid "working". In addition, only stable wood species should be used.

As a rule, when used outdoors, however, a material without expansion during temperature changes and moisture changes is recommended.

Comparison to the purchase

For a complete table tennis table you get ready from about 180 EUR. The prices for higher quality records start at around 250 - 300 EUR.

So-called midi tables are sometimes even available from 80 EUR, but they have a very small format and are therefore usually intended only for children.

Table tennis table for indoor building - step by step

  • suitable plate
  • Table tennis net
  • Ferrule for table tennis net
  • dark coating
  • White color
  • Brush or roller, alternatively sprayer
  • spirit level
  • sharpener

1. Sand the plate carefully

Sand the surface of the plate carefully. You should do this as when sanding a table top. Also treat the edges very carefully.

2. Paint / coat plate

Use a simple paint or coating in dark blue or dark green. If you want to protect the coating even further, check whether the rebound behavior of the desired final coating is actually sufficient (ball from a height of 30 cm should jump 22-25 cm high).

3. Finish the plate

With white paint, pull a white stripe around the edge of the board. Draw an exact middle line. Mount the clamps exactly in the middle of the plate and clamp the net in between.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, you'll spend a lot of money on the record and the material as well. For this you need a suitable substructure. The purchase of a cheap table is usually worthwhile. You can also put a cheap Miditian in the garden or the garage for your children.

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