Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for pipe cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • Pipe cleaners are a quick help with stale drains and dirty pipes.
  • They allow effective cleaning of clogged drains.
  • Mechanical and biodegradable cleaners protect the environment.

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

Each home has a clean bathroom and a fragrant kitchen. But what if you get out of the bathtub relaxed, but suddenly it is blocked and the water can not drain off?

Or you want to wash your hands and the water is in the sink drain. Everyone knows the fight with a clogged drain. It is bubbling and bubbling, the water does not run off and the drain stinks. The toilet can be particularly uncomfortable. In order for the drain to flow freely again, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible.

The easiest and most effective way to solve the blockage of the pipes with the appropriate pipe cleaner, We took a close look at the subject of pipe cleaners. With our 2018 pipe cleaner comparison, you can find the best pipe cleaner so that it can run off the pipe in the future as well.

1. Purchase advice: What is needed for pipe cleaner

Stubborn soiling of the pipes quickly creates a seal in the pipe. The result is Blockages and backwater, But instead of calling the expensive craftsman, you can try to solve the blockage yourself.

The easiest and most effective way to avoid pipe blockage with the appropriate drain cleanersolve it. Chemical pipe cleaner is the best way to remove hair, grease and other solids from the drain.

2. How to block the drainpipes

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Dirty pipes quickly lead to water retention and blockage.

Clogging of the pipes is usually caused by incorrect disposal of food and other solids. Handkerchiefs, food scraps or fat actually belong in the bin.

Due to neglect or ignorance, they are often dumped in the drain of the sink or in the toilet. The result is stubborn blockages of the pipes.

When the frying fat is removed from the pan with detergent and water, it creates a tough emulsion, which easily settles inside the tubes and reduces the passage.

Come then larger food leftovers in addition, the drain completely closes. The flushing down of hygiene articles and handkerchiefs also represents a huge problem for a smooth drainage.

Unlike toilet paper, handkerchiefs do not dissolve properly and stick to the Hang the bottlenecks of the pipe, The unpleasant result is a clogged toilet.

Danger: Chemical pipe cleaning is not suitable for toilets because the chemicals can react with acidic toilet cleaners and the pipes may be damaged. To clean a toilet, therefore, mechanical alternatives should be used.

3. drain cleaner and their differences?

Before you buy a pipe cleaner, you should inform yourself about differences and applications of the cleaner. The type of pipe blockage should be checked before starting the test with pipe cleaner.

3.1. Categories of chemical drain cleaners

Chemical pipe cleanerdescription

liquid cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Available in the form of Gel and cleaning fluid
  • Fast application
  • Reliably removes fat and hair from blocked pipes
  • Ideal for eliminating odors and easier blockages
  • Can be used regularly to prevent clogging of drainage pipes
  • Hygienic and antibacterial

granulate cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

  • Dry granules for filling in the drain
  • Fast application
  • Very powerful cleaning the clogged pipes
  • Solves even the most stubborn blockages
  • Hygienic and antibacterial

3.2. Biological alternatives

Chemical pipe cleaner is made of strong chemicals that have a corrosive effect on the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. The environment also suffers from the frequent use of the cleaning agent. But now there are some gentler alternatives that do without chlorine and are also partially biodegradable. For those who want to do something good for the environment, a biodegradable pipe cleaner is of course the test winner.

4. Important purchasing criteria for pipe cleaners

4.1. The type of blockage determines the cleaner

If you use the chemical drain cleaner according to the instructions, the drainpipe sealing rings will not be damaged. Always rinse thoroughly with water after use to remove the remains of the cleaner.

Depending on the degree of blockage, a suitable drain cleaner should be used. For the removal of unpleasant odorsn, moult and fat often enough a lighter liquid cleaner.

If the pipe is completely tight, a granulate cleaner should be used. If you need larger amounts of cleaner for pipe cleaning, you should look at the offer of Sanit and Aqua Clean look at.

4.2. How much chemistry should be used

Before purchasing a pipe cleaner, you should consider using a cleaner with strong chemicals or prefer to use a gentler method. The chemicals in the pipes react with water to release oxygen, which literally blows off the pollution.

Conventional drain cleaners include sodium hydroxide and chlorine. Both substances strongly counteract the pollution of drains, but they are toxic to humans and the environment. A chlorine-free cleaner is therefore a gentler alternative.

A biodegradable drain cleaner with great effectiveness is for example the product Drain Clean by Tech Masters.

5. To clean drain and pipes properly

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

Fill in pipe cleaner granulate.

So that you can clean your pipes gently but effectively, it is important to buy the right pipe cleaner and to use it correctly.

If it is a mild blockage that causes unpleasant odors, you should use a liquid cleaner to tackle the clogged drain.

If the problem is more persistent, you will need to resort to stronger cleaners. For this a Rohriniger granulate is best suited. From the brands rorax, Mellerud or Drano You will receive both liquid cleaners and granulate cleaners in different strengths.

5.1. cleaning instructions

Drain off excess water and clean the outside drain by hand. Fill the drain cleaner into the drain and rinse with two cups of cold water.

Now wait, so that the pipe cleaner can work well. Then rinse the pipe with plenty of warm water and look forward to the free flow.

Tip: The required amount of chemical pipe cleaner and the duration of the exposure time depends on the respective product. Please note the instructions on the package.

5.2. Beware of storage and use

Chemical drain cleaners are very harmful to health. On each bottle you will find corresponding instructions and warnings. Therefore, be sure to ventilate the bathroom and kitchen after using chemical drain cleaners. Protect the skin, respiratory system and eyes from possible contact to prevent chemical burns. The pipe cleaner must never be swallowed.

As a less aggressive drain cleaner alternative, there is, for example, the chemical pipe cleaner hair-way of bio-chem, Since this cleaner does not require chlorine-containing ingredients, the burden on the respiratory tract and skin is significantly lower.

Danger: Chemical detergents are especially dangerous for children. Always store the pipe cleaner out of the reach of children and pay attention to products with childproof protection in the lid when buying.

6. Suitable home remedies for drainage cleaning

6.1. Baking powder and vinegar as a "favorable pipe cleaner"

If you do not want to use a pipe cleaner right away, you can also try home remedies. With a mixture of baking soda and vinegar many blockages in the drainpipe can be solved. To do this, pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the drain and pour half a cup with ordinary household vinegar.

The two ingredients create a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide and cleans the dirt. If the bubbling in the pipe stops, you can simply add hot water.

Tip: Baking soda and vinegar as drain cleaners are a good alternative to the chemical variant. If the blockage is very persistent, a chemical pipe cleaner still achieves a better result in comparison.

6.2. Mechanical drain cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: pipe

A pool as an environmentally friendly alternative.

In addition, you can perform the drain cleaning with a pipe cleaning spiral also mechanically.

Insert the spiral Carefully insert into the tube and turn Carefully insert the spiral through the drain, siphon and the following drainpipe.

With gentle twists pierces the Tip of the cleaning spiral the dirt and make their pipe free again. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Another mechanical drain cleaner alternative is the Cleaning with a suction cup or a pool.

To do this, fill the clogged sink or clogged toilet with warm water. Then put the pool on the drain and pump vigorously a few times. The generated negative pressure causes coarse dirt to be removed from the pipe.

Mechanical pipe cleaners are a good alternative. However, everyone should consider whether the use of Pümpel and cleaning spiral are the right drain cleaners for your own home:

  • Mechanical aids can be used multiple times and save cash.
  • No environmental impact.
  • Protect the pipes permanently.
  • Handling must be practiced.
  • Work partially unhygienic; Blockages and solids are flushed upwards.
  • Cleaning of pool and spiral will be necessary after use.

7. Effectively avoid blockage of the drainpipe

Pipe Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Cleaning the drain screen.

Pipe cleaner should be used sparingly as it is often corrosive to skin, pipes and the environment. If Pipes and toilet however, they must be treated with an effective drain cleaner.

By taking a few simple precautionary measures, you can significantly reduce the use of chemical aids. These tricks reduce the risk of a blocked pipe:

  • Use a drain strainer in the shower and sink
  • Regularly remove hair from the upper part of your drain
  • Do not throw any toiletries in the toilet
  • Rinse once a month the drain with hot water and detergent
  • Unscrew the siphon regularly and clean it by hand

To additionally prevent blockage of the toilet, you should regularly descale with WC-cleaner tabs. Simply enter a tab from z. B. Domol in your toilet and wait until lime and dirt are dissolved. So further dirt can settle worse on the pipe walls.

8. Questions and answers about pipe cleaners

8.1. Can you use drain cleaner for the dishwasher?

Since the chemical pipe cleaner may damage the seal and pipes of a dishwasher, it should not be used inconsistently in the event of a blockage. Check and clean the sieve of the dishwasherto remove food scraps and foreign objects. Does not help, you can use special cleaner for dishwashers.

8.2. Pipe cleaner in the test?

So far, there is no comprehensive pipe cleaner test at Stiftung Warentest. In a test in issue 03/2002 with foam cleaners, the result was rather poor. The exposure time was too long, hair could not be removed well and fell because of the high chlorine content and environmental impact by.

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