Make pirate costume yourself

Make and combine your own disguise as a pirate

Make pirate costume yourself: pirate

In the past, they were the terrors of the oceans, today they are at the forefront of carnival celebrations: Buccaneers, pirates and pirates! The costumes are available in all variations, for both adults and children.

Indispensable for a successful pirate disguise are accessories such as Arm and leg prostheses, eye patches and big golden earrings.

Many parts can be bought at the store, but the tweaking and combining of elements is a matter of honor among pirates. Look for old pearl necklaces in Grandma's jewelry box or sew a plush parrot on the old jacket.

Be inspired by our instructions and combine pirate costumes in the future with great attention to detail or just do it yourself.

Pirate costumes and accessories

If you want to go to Carnival as a real buccaneer, you have made a good choice, because when it comes to making your own, the pirate disguise is way ahead. The following tips will help perfect the pirate outfit with great attention to detail.

The hair: Typical pirate hairstyles

As a pirate you prefer a something more relaxed way of life, which of course is also reflected in the pirate hairstyle: either hair completely or completely off. Which means: Who wants to go through as a true pirate, can not come along with Föhnwelle or side parting, but has the choice between a neat mat or shaved bald head.

Let's start with the baldhead: Who does not know a professional makeup artist, who could conjure up a deceptively genuine polished head scalp, will probably have to shave or bad. As regrowth usually lasts longer than the carnival, the long hairstyle is more likely to be an option. For this purpose, there are finally very convincing carnival wigs that complement the pirate costume wonderful.

Many a carnivalist may also have a handsome natural hair, which he then plaits to the pirate head or several pigtails or otherwise bring in the disguise with. The main thing is that it looks wildbecause who looks like pirate mother-in-law's favorite, may be keel fetched and ends up as fish food.

Tip: No pirate looks very well-groomed - so let's grow a wicked three-day beard.

Headscarf and hats

Make pirate costume yourself: yourself

Take famous pirates as a source of inspiration: With an old hat and a red headscarf, you will become Jack Sparrow.

The headscarf may under certain circumstances make the question of the right pirate hairstyle obsolete, but it also goes well with the long shaggy mane. Brave business hairstyles however, simply disappear under the cloth and do not need to be prepared for the carnival party.

Suitable headscarves are not difficult to find in carnival time. On classic bandana fits just as well as a matching rags from the Altkleiderkiste.

To dye, which fit many commercial pirate outfits are red, white and of course black. But other color variations are also in question, as pirates are known not to care about conventions.

It does not always have to be a headscarf: Anyone who has a tricorne hat or a floppy hat at hand can also interpret the classic pirate motif individually or orientate themselves to role models from television.

In the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" Jack Sparrow combines an old hat with a colored headscarf - your imagination knows no bounds. If you then swing a plastic sword and your eyes are messy around with a dark kohl, the priratenkostüm gradually takes shape.

Pirate jewelry and other accessories

Make pirate costume yourself: costume

lte Schumuckvorräte use as pirate jewelry

Pirates are used to tearing things over, which floats them in front of the bow. Therefore, the average buccaneer dresses up with enough pirate jewelry.

The following applies here: Before buying, first dig into old stocks. Is there something to bring to the grandmother that she has not worn for a long time?

Of course, you should not dig up the most expensive gold jewelry here, it may well be cheap and look used, because pirates are not necessarily known for their exquisite taste.

Besides, this is about carnival, there is Exaggeration anyway on the agenda. So hang yourself with everything that sparkles and shines - like with different lengths chains, even several rings on the fingers enhance the overall outfit and underline the vicious nature of the dreaded pirates.

If you can not find what you are looking for in the local jewelery box, the trade offers numerous pieces of plastic jewelry. Also, large earrings with dazzling gemstones for clipping are available here, because every pirate wears at least one earring.

As a carrier bag for the long carnival day you could for example on a old leather bag put, which you attach casually on the belt. Here is enough space for the most important utensils, such as the front door key, the smartphone and other trifles - pirates hide here, of course, captured gems, pearl necklaces and gold coins.

If you also bring small chocolate coins in your bag, so you can make friends and acquaintances throughout the day always a little joy.

Tip: You look wild with an eye patch. However, this can be annoying over time - but for the decisive first impression, it is particularly well suited.

Parrot as animal companion

Make pirate costume yourself: make

Treasure chest, liquor and parrot - a true pirate!

The parrot is the classic pirate companion, even if Jack Sparrow prefers a small monkey on his shoulder. To make a parrot yourself would probably be too expensive, so you can confidently on a cheap plush copy from the toy trade fall back.

But the plush parrot must also be edited if necessary: ​​If the parrot is sitting upright on the shoulder, he must be "forced" with a clever wire mesh to do so. Depending on the design, it can be enough to simply stick it on the shoulder or sew it down with a few stitches.

Alternative accessory is a waving skullcap on a long stick. Depending on the venue, however, this must be made of flexible plastic to minimize the risk of injury - pay attention to the organizer's house rules.

Pirate costume for children

Make pirate costume yourself: pirate

Children love the pirate costume.

Especially with children pirate costumes are the absolute bestseller - you will make up and is still very cool and daring.

For the little buccaneers there is a large selection of costumes and accessories in numerous shops and online shops during the carnival season. Much can easily be produced even for little money.

If children are disguised as pirates, you should pay particular attention to self-made costumes that no sharp or sharp objects no matter how beautifully martial these may look.

Also with the choice of the weapons caution is necessary, because as soon as such a small Pirat holds a saber in the hand, his Spieltrieb entices him quickly to unrestrained fun attacks, which can end badly.

Swords made of foam can be a good solution. They can be easily produced if necessary and keep their shape even after the Carnival caper journey.

Always pay attention skin-friendly and dermatologically tested make-upso as not to unnecessarily irritate the sensitive skin of the child.

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