Set a door hinge

In particular, the hinges on front doors are completely different than those built on apartment doors. After all, the requirements for front doors are significantly higher. In addition, the door hinges of house doors similar to windows have different screws to adjust. Below we explain how to set a hinged door from a front door.

Doorstep fishing is significantly different from home doors

Especially those who want to install their own front door or replace it with a new door quickly realize that the hinges or hinges look very different. This is especially true for the door hinges of the last 20 years. Even installing the hinge differs significantly compared to conventional fishing.

Adjustment possibilities of the hinges

The door hinges of a front door can be set differently. Anyone who has ever set a window, knows the various settings:

  • up and down
  • laterally (to the left or right)
  • inward or outward (contact force)

Positions of the adjusting screws

These are mounted on a front door on and around the fishing rod different screws. If you pull off the plastic caps at the top and bottom, you'll see something like a castle nut on modern door hinges. This is related to the fact that the Angel is in two parts. Inside is like a bolt and therefore a shell like a claw. If the castle nut is inserted normally, the inner bolt is adjusted up and down.

Set the door closer or farther away from the frame

The lower castellated nut is removed, then the upper castellated nut is removed and replaced upside down (at the lower and upper hinge in succession). Now the sheathing can be adjusted. As a result, the contact pressure on the door frame is increased or decreased. On the side of the fishing rods there is usually still an Allen screw. If this screw is moved to the left or right, the door is adjusted diagonally.

Use the adjustment instructions of the door hinge manufacturer

Basically, it can be stated that the door hinges or door hinges are all set similarly regardless of the manufacturer. However, there may be differences here. Therefore, you should always make the settings of the hinges only with the instructions of the manufacturer. If you are not sure which settings are made on your doorstep, you should contact a specialist company. Setting the front door is relatively cheap to get.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal, there are many more guides and instructions to the door hinges of house doors. For example, we'll show you how to fix a door hinge.

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