A place in the nursing home - what costs are coming to us?

The full-stationary accommodation in a retirement home is sometimes inevitable, because hardly a family can bring care and work under one hat. The cost of a place in the nursing home are not uniformly regulated, but can be indicative.

Average costs for the retirement home

The prices for a full inpatient care center are on average at about 3,300 EUR per month, the figures vary depending on the state, care level and facility. In Nordhrein-Westphalia, the costs are particularly high, while in other states tend to pay less.

Of course, the total price also depends on which retirement home you choose. A downtown facility, possibly right on the city park, is probably more expensive than a nursing home far from any urban infrastructure. Especially modern furnished houses can also demand a higher price.

Overall, the monthly price fluctuates approximately between 2,500 and 4,000 EUR for a full care place. This is not a small amount that is reimbursed only proportionally by the nursing care fund. You can also choose between different price categories.

What costs does the care fund pay?

The cost share to be reimbursed by the care fund depends on the care level of the respective patient. Take from our list the current monthly amounts paid by the fund. Attention, the numbers can change!

  • Refund for care level 1: 1,023 EUR
  • Refund for care level 2: 1.279 EUR
  • Refund for care level 3: 1.550 EUR

The remaining amount will be charged to the person in need of care until he has raised his income and parts of the assets. Dependent dependents are only in the third row in the payment of the care place, here there are quite high allowances.

Most recently, the social welfare office jumps in to make a monthly additional payment, which neither the needy nor the relatives raise. However, this may result in later repayment claims against relatives.

Cost example for the nursing home in the nursing home

A dementia-afflicted old lady with care level 3 receives a place in a nursing home. The nursing care takes over 1.550 EUR, a portion pays the senior citizen from their own pension, the rest have to raise the relatives.

Cost overviewprice
1. from the care fund1,550 EUR
2. from own pension850 EUR
3. from the relatives650 EUR
total3,050 EUR

Think of private provision!

Think early on the private provision in the context of supplementary care insurance. For example, get a private nursing day allowance, which you can use freely when you withdraw.

Tips & Tricks

In order to be as free as possible from financial claims, it is possible to take out a private supplementary care insurance for your own parents. So you ensure that your own budget remains stable in case of care!

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