The planning of a natural stone staircase in the garden

The design freedom for a natural stone staircase in the garden are very large. From the cubic staircase with several steps to a path or walkway with occasional intermediate stages, the variety of models extends. In addition there are the selection of many natural rocks and the different processing and shaping of the components.

Planning factors for a natural stone staircase

When planning a natural stone staircase in the garden, the following questions arise that lead to a circling of the construction options, forms and dimensions:

  • Which function should the staircase perform? Is it planned as a pure walkway on ascending or derogatory terrain or do you need to transport gardening tools over it?
  • Should the stairs have a specific connection to a part of the building like one?
    Have a terrace?
  • How much room is allowed for the stairs? Should it be constructed as an open staircase without railing and side walls?
  • Is a pure dry construction method planned, such as laying natural stone stairs without the use of concrete foundations and substructures?
  • Which differences in height does the garden staircase have to bridge on which way? Can be implemented in the planned form an adequate stair lead

In order to plan the external staircase, the course of the garden staircase must be calculated and the individual appearances must be placed and determined in terms of height and construction.

In a dry construction method with cuboid stone blocks, the substrate and the soil condition must be considered. Large blocks can usually be set as stairs without further stabilization.

It must also be determined that any planned intermediate platforms of the stairs and their attachment. You can connect the individual steps as a natural path or be covered or paved with the same natural stone as the stone steps.

For the construction of stairs, some building regulations must be taken into account. If the natural stone staircase is connected to a building, a building permit for an outside staircase is required in most cases. For flat stairs in the garden this is usually not the case, but must be installed from three levels railing.

Tips & Tricks

Think of a sufficient staircase lighting. Practical are individual solar lamps, which do without permanent power supply.

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