Planning permission for the garage - mandatory?

Again and again there are ambiguities and contradictory information, whether you need a building permit for a garage. How this really is, what differences the design of the garage makes, and what you have to pay attention to in the planning, you will find in this article explained.

Obligation to obtain planning permission

The permit requirement varies from state to state. In some federal states, the construction of a garage is not possible at all, in other states, the planning permission is linked to certain forms of garage design:

  • Size (length and width)
  • volume
  • intended location
  • Garage size in relation to the plot size
  • freestanding or extension

Always planning permission needed

A building permit is always required in the following states:

  • Bavaria
  • Bremen
  • NRW
  • Hamburg
  • Lower Saxony
  • Saarland

In some cases, however, it may facilitate approval, for example, it may be built in certain areas using a simple approval procedure. In other cases, a regular building application procedure is always necessary.

border development

The guidelines for possible border building are also regulated differently in the individual federal states. Wherever you can build to the limit, and where the minimum distance is required depends, among other things, on the dimensions of the planned garage.

Minimum widths and lengths

When planning, one must also take into account that certain minimum widths are required for garages. The width of the parking space must be at least a certain size, depending on the design of the garage (freestanding or attached). For this purpose, a certain minimum length of the parking space must be given.

access lengths

Almost everywhere it is also required that in front of the garage a driveway of at least 5 meters in length must be planned. The length of the driveway should ensure that when the garage door is opened, the vehicle is already fully seated on the driveway.

Solid or prefabricated garages

The type of garage - ie solid garage or prefabricated garage - plays no role in the building regulations. Both types of garage are treated exactly the same.

Tips & Tricks

Setting up a garage - or just a carport - without permission is not a good idea. A re-approval is often denied, if not all conditions are met exactly, then threatens the demolition. You also have to apply for a license in most federal states for a carport. The duration of the approval process always depends on the respective district.

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