Building permit for a garden shed in Bavaria

If a garden shed is to be built in Bavaria, it is always worth contacting the local building authority. Even if the land contained in the development plan can even be equipped with a 75m³ garden shed in Bavaria, special regulations apply in terms of their height and construction. The floor area according to the development plan refers to a garden house, which was built in the style of other garden sheds in the plant, as well as in one-storey height.

Dear ask for a building permit

Garden sheds usually count as subordinate buildings. But they can fall into the extraordinary eye-catcher of the building authority, neighbors feel disturbed by the garden shed and limited in their vision of the garden section. Even if the building permit is only required for houses outside the development plan and with a size of more than 75m³, it is worth contacting the building supervisor and can prevent that a subsequent dismantling must take place. Also, the purpose of the construction of garden sheds is an important aspect in the question of whether a building permit is required or not. For example, garden owners are prohibited from residing in the summerhouse throughout the year and specifying it as a home address. Here in Bavaria no exceptions and deviations from the legislation are possible and it makes a punishable offense who uses the garden house illegally and chooses as their main residence.

Why the building permit brings benefits

Even with the most peaceful garden neighbors, it can break, they find the built garden house too close to their property or their house in the garden. If the client has secured himself with a granted permit, he is in legally considered advantage. There are also numerous regulations for roof construction, especially in snowy areas of Bavaria, which should be emphasized if they are to be adhered to. Here also only pitched roofs, but not flat roofs may be built at the garden house.