Planning steps in the construction of a garden shed

If you want to build a garden shed and thus create an oasis of relaxation, you should never act carelessly and always inform yourself about the conditions and requirements for the construction. All federal states have different legislation on the size and equipment of garden sheds, which can be built without a building permit. Also, the proximity factor to the neighbors, as well as the development plan play a role in the decision which garden house is really suitable and can be built without problems. If you have a garden in a club garden allotment, come to the requirements of the development plan nor the conditions that are set by the association to the development in the garden.

Get information from the building office

The size of a garden house and with which equipment you do not have to apply for a building permit, you can find out from the relevant building authority and can also get information about the prescribed roof structure and equipment here. While in some federal states without planning permission only a garden house of maximally 30m ² and without toilet or cooking opportunity may be put, garden owners in other federal states have the possibility to cultivate whole 75m ², if they are within the zoning plan. As soon as a garden shed moves beyond the limits of the permitted development, a building permit must be obtained in each federal state. If you have the planning permission in your pocket and want to start with the construction project, you should compare prices to the garden house and can decide on the basis of a cheap and very high quality garden shed. In order to build a garden house as cheaply as possible and to perform many jobs in-house, you should have the manual skills and the necessary tools. With a cost calculation and a construction plan, you can exclude additional costs and plan the budgeting in a focused manner.

It is important to pay attention to the garden house

In addition to the previous planning and well thought-out cost calculation, it is necessary to consider, based on comparisons and obtaining various offers, which decision to make. Not always the cheapest offer must also convince with high-quality functionality. In the calculation, one can introduce all the important criteria and thus make a decision that is based on personal needs. To relax later in the garden house and enjoy sunny days, of course, the peace with the neighbors of need. The best way to reject the construction project therefore.

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