Plants for the nano aquarium

A nano aquarium is like a kind of bonsai for aquarium fans, so the plants should have the dimensions of a bonsai. Most aquatic plants, which are available in pet shops, grow too fast and strong for the small pelvis. Therefore, here is an overview of small and small plants that can enrich the Nano Aquarium.

Biological balance

An aquarium only comes into balance when plants and animals interact skillfully. The nutrients that pass through the fish food into the aquarium, at the same time serve to fertilize the plants. In addition, they generate a portion of the necessary oxygen and purify the water of pollutants, which comes in part from the feces of the animals.


The plants also provide the animals with shelter and a retreat. Aquatic animals also need some time in secret every day. This reduces the stress because the animals can avoid each other at the same time. Whereby, depending on the size of the pool, no fish should live in a nano aquarium anyway, but at most shrimps.

Function of plants in the nano aquarium

  • Produce oxygen
  • Create retreat opportunities
  • Absorption of excess nutrients
  • water purification
  • Reduction of pollutants
  • Displace germs

Small plants

Beautiful landscapes are created by different ferns that live underwater. However, these plants only look like ferns, because they are actually species of seaweed. Their leaf shapes can also be extremely different and thus form a varied and vivid view.

  • Monosolenium
  • Lomariopsis / freshwater tang
  • Riccardia

Small water hose

Very exciting is the small water hose, Utricularia graminifolia, which is popular in the foreground of a small aquarium as the main attraction. On the leaves small catch bubbles are formed, which are provided with bristles. If the bristle is touched, the flap on the water hose closes and the microorganisms are digested in the tube.

Echinodorus tropica

The little Echinodorus needs a particularly good lighting and some freedom. But she is only five to ten inches high. Beautiful compact rosettes are the reward of this plant.


The shrimps are especially good on a green moss surface and offer a high-contrast picture. Here live numerous microorganisms, which make up beside smallest algae an important supplement in the nutrition of the small shrimps.

planting trees

A branched piece of wood, which is especially suitable for aquariums, and a little moss on a small grid mat together form a deceptive deciduous tree, which enriches the landscape under water.

Balls and stones

Moose also grows well on clay balls or round stones. They can even be hung on rings or small balls attached with a nylon thread invisible from above. These little living objects then seem to float downright.

Tips & Tricks

Some plants are not suitable for a nano aquarium because of their rapid growth at first glance, this includes, among other things, the pearl herb. However, with this fast-growing plant you prevent algae growth. The only downside is that you have to shorten the plant every week.