Plants for the conservatory - the right choice

Just as there are different types of conservatories, not every plant is suitable for every type of conservatory. There are basically three types of conservatories that each provide a suitable habitat for other plants.

Success through adaptation

Everything about the new conservatory can be selected by the client himself. Only with the selection of the plants the own taste is rather incidental. Here the type of winter garden has to make the choice. Both the temperature of the environment and the light conditions should harmonize with the needs of the plants.

Three types of conservatories

  • cold conservatory, completely without heating, may have a slight minus in winter
  • heated conservatory, which is only kept free from frost
  • Residential winter garden, here is heated daily in the winter months

Wide offer in the cold conservatory

For the cold conservatory, there is a large selection of suitable plants that feel right at home here. Whether flowering plants or aromatic plants, basically all Mediterranean plants are best kept in the cold winter garden.

  • Jasmine or Star Jasmine
  • laurel
  • myrtle
  • olives
  • Kaki
  • pomegranate
  • figs
  • Lemon or lime trees

Temperate conservatory for the southern flair

Here, in addition to the Mediterranean plants, the plants of the rainforest feel well. The species spectrum of South America and South Africa joins in with the diversity of the Indian subcontinent.

  • strelitzias
  • Palm trees - different types
  • guava
  • all citrus plants
  • brazilian cherry
  • Protea
  • bananas

Permanently heated residential winter garden

In the glass living room, the full splendor of the richly blooming species of tropical plants can unfold. The biodiversity of the jungle can be seen here with extensive luxuriance. The selection of plants is somewhat limited because of the permanent heat, because many a plant needs the phase of the cold as a rest period.

  • heliconias
  • bananas
  • mangos
  • papaya
  • ornamental ginger
  • elephant ear

Tips & Tricks

If you prefer it easy to care for and do not want to worry about the plants in a residential conservatory, you should resort to cacti and succulents. They are absolutely frugal and survive even in midsummer without care, if you want to travel longer.

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