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Do not give up on plants in the fall, but keep the beauty of your garden in the cooler seasons. Autumn marks the end of the colorful summer and the beginning of the cold season for many people. Some even tend to feel that time is blooming, monochromatic and drab. But that does not have to be the case, because it is very easy for garden owners to ensure that the abundance of plants as well as the magnificent view of the garden does not cease even in autumn. You also do not have to search long to find the right plants for the fall, because many species and genera are closer to you than you think. Here are some small suggestions that will make your garden a good figure in autumn.


Autumn plants: a small overview

  • Autumn trees: the apple tree
  • Asters: ideal flowers in autumn
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Autumn trees: the apple tree

Do you already have an apple tree in your garden? If not, we would now have another tip for you as to what plants will do in the fall - or, as in this case, fall trees in the fall. The apple tree keeps its foliage until November. There are even some species that you can pick in November. So you have a nice tree for the autumn with the apple tree. And even in the spring, the apple tree with its phase of blossoming is fast, because already in March you can see its renewed life again.

Also, you should plant the apple tree alone because of its fruits. The tasty apples can be stored for the winter and can be prepared and eaten in various ways. In some apple varieties, it is even possible that they can not be eaten immediately after harvest and require a few weeks to mature. Therefore, with one or the other apple tree you can secure the tasty fruit enjoyment in the middle of winter, and that from your own vineyard.

As you can see, when it comes to autumn trees, the apple tree is one of the absolute classics in the world of garden trees.

To bite: Delicious apples in the garden

Autumn plants: autumn garden: garden

The apple blossom: flowers even without fruit

Autumn plants: autumn garden: garden

Asters: ideal flowers in autumn

Asters: Your garden has never been so beautiful in autumn

Asters: plant flowers in the fall

The name of the aster is derived from the Latin word astrum, which means something like "star". And that's exactly how asters are: like the stars in the sky over you, the asters decorate their surroundings with their star-like flower heads. Asters are known as perennial flowers, the sight of which you can enjoy for up to two years. Seemingly unimpressed by the cool autumn temperatures, the asters tend to defy the colder seasons, into late November. The cold does not detract from the colorful sea of ​​flowers. So if you want to enjoy flowers in the fall, you should plant asters, because these flowers are still blooming where other plants move their heads. By the way, asters are also often seen in perennial beds. If you have planted your garden on perennials, then you can easily expand to some of these herb resistant asters.

Of course there are many other suitable flowers besides the Aster that you can plant for the fall, such as the fruit myrtle or the bearded flower.

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Did you know, that…

... the Japanese Chisato Iwasaki on 24 October 2005 on his apple farm in Hirosaki with 1,849 kg plucked the heaviest apple so far?
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