Renovate a plaster facade

In regular, but large time intervals, it is time again: the plaster facade must be rehabilitated. How to refurbish a plaster facade and what to pay attention to, we have summarized in the following guide for you.

Differentiation in plaster facades

Probably the most frequently encountered façade in this country is the plaster facade. However, at least two distinctions must be considered here:

  • the plaster facade on a thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)
  • the plaster facade directly on masonry

The directly plastered masonry

Below we will deal with the renovation of a conventional plaster facade, so on masonry. But here, too, distinctions have to be taken into account. Is the underlying masonry unitary building blocks or mixed masonry?

Renovate a plaster facade: plaster

If it is mixed masonry and you have to renew the entire plaster of the facade, you should first plaster a reinforcement. But also on reinforcement fabric on old exterior plaster can be sunny. In this case, the structure of the plaster facade is crucial. But only in advance.

Before renovating the plaster facade: Determine the extent of remediation

Before you begin with the repair of individual jobs, you should always first determine the actual remedial needs. To do this, perform various tests.

With a small hammer you knock the whole plaster courageously, but not too tight. In this way, you can see whether larger pieces of plaster are loosening in one area of ​​the façade, or whether they still adhere enough. In the next step, check the actual load-bearing capacity of the plaster. To do this, scratch the old plaster with a screwdriver. Sandet the plaster, he is no longer sustainable.

Have now solved individual pieces of plaster, knock the plaster over a large area around this area. When Putz, who sandes, it is a little more elaborate. Although this problem can only occur in individual areas. But the question is especially with old plaster, how long it will not begin to sands in other areas.

Completely re-plaster or only repair old plaster?

If it continues to change its consistency, the entire plaster renovation could have been in vain. It should not be forgotten that the effort involved in renovating the façade is even greater. Because finally, the plaster facade must also be deleted.

Although the effort may initially seem significant, if the entire old plaster has to be knocked off first. But you do not take any risks and avoid significantly higher costs in the future.

Tips & Tricks

It does not always have to be a plaster facade. If you want to renovate a plaster facade, but do not want to re-plaster, there are other alternatives. For example, you can cover a façade with sheet metal or mount a WFVS, then plaster it with special reinforcing mortar and then a thin layer of surface plaster.

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