Mending gypsum plaster

Damage in plastered wall surfaces is usually caused by careless transport of bulky objects, by nails hammered or by the introduction of dowels and screws. Even penetrating into the wall of water can cause repair damage in the plaster.

Small holes and dents

Punching a nail into a wall or drilling a dowel hole is one of the everyday stresses that a plastered wall has to endure in the living area. Improper work can lead to extensive flaking of the plaster. But even smaller holes that leave again removed nails and dowels, interfere in the otherwise flat plaster surface. They can be eliminated with simple means. If the gypsum plaster has already been painted, fine cracks or very small holes can be painted over with paint. Often the tiny damage is then no longer visible. Somewhat larger damaged areas can be filled with a finished plaster filler from the tube. The processing of the mass is easy and it dries quickly.

Large-scale damage

If a wall is affected by major damage, all loose plaster parts are removed first. For this purpose, a wire brush is suitable. The wall must be cleaned and freed from dust. If the substrate is well prepared, the damaged area can be repainted with fresh gypsum plaster. At the transitions to the old intact plaster area must be worked very carefully. The lugs are sanded after drying to make them invisible.

Repair moisture damage in gypsum plaster

In the event of water damage in gypsum plaster, the cause must be found and uncovered. Moist gypsum plaster is removed generously. Only when the cause of the moisture damage is eliminated and the affected wall is completely dried out, the gypsum plaster wall can be repaired. Depending on the location and prognosis for possible further moisture damage in the future, you should consider alternative plaster that is less sensitive to moisture.

Tips & Tricks

Small damage in dry living areas can be easily repaired with gypsum filler. Resin screeds are used to repair mineral surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Floors and substrates in the wet or outdoor area can be repaired with cement-bonded spatula.

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