Plaster for painting - the simpler version

Dealing with trowels and trowels is not for everyone. With plaster coating plastering can be made much easier. This article reveals what there is to know about this particular type of plaster.

Which plaster types are suitable for painting

  • Streichputz
  • roll Putz
  • spray plaster

Liquid cleaning methods

Spreadable are basically all coating plasters, roller plasters and spray plasters. For outdoor use (façade), special coating plasters are commercially available.

Often, liquid plasters are textured plasters. You have after application to a more or less fine-grained structure. Grain size is also crucial for yield.

Colored variants make a subsequent brushing of the plaster superfluous. The processing of liquid plaster is comparatively easy. But there are less layer thicknesses than in classical plastering.

Effect by brushing

In contrast to rolling, brushing with a brush creates organic structures in the plaster as soon as they are applied. The design can be more interesting than when working with the roll.

Additional structuring of the plaster can be achieved after application by special structural rollers or sponges. Even special brush effects can be created by brushing.

Primer required

A suitable plaster base is also a requirement for coating plasters, both indoors and outdoors.

Wallpapers can only be overpainted if they adhere very firmly. The surface must not be cracked and must be level, smooth and dry. Sanding surfaces must be pretreated.

Later occurring cracks (eg in the case of new construction due to subsidence) can be easily corrected at the respective affected areas by brushing.

Lime and clay plasters

Lime plasters and clay plasters are very natural alternatives. They are often offered as a brush or roll plaster because of the easier processing. The prices are much higher than the usual variants.

Tips & Tricks

An interesting tip may be to tint the coating inside and mix it with silver flakes. When light falls then interesting light effects and a slight glimmer of the wall.

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