Ready-made plaster: Which products for the exterior wall?

From the usual lightly grained exterior plaster to the rustic look of a coarse scratch plaster, ready-made plaster can be used outdoors. The premixed mineral or synthetic resin-containing products, which are usually transported in a silo, allow a quick and less complicated processing than dry mortar.

All colors and physical properties available

Due to the constant advancement in building material technology, almost all conceivable plaster types are now also produced as ready-made plaster. The exact specifications of the different mixing ratios can be adapted very accurately to the stresses and optical requirements of the façade substrates. On a house, the different exterior facades may require different plaster. For example, a façade facing the weather side may need a different finish than the more protected façade sides. Ready-made plaster for the outside is made according to precise knowledge of the construction industry and so the same color can be combined with different insulation and protective properties. The risk of creating different shades when mixing dry mortar or applying an expensive "overqualified" exterior plaster to all facades is reduced with ready-made plaster.

The right products for every task available

For mineral plasters, there are four plaster mortars, which are also produced as finished products. While the moisture-regulating lime mortar and the breathable gypsum mortar are used indoors, the lime-cement mortar and the very stable cement mortar are the basic components of the external mineral rendered render. The so-called precious or decorative plasters can be decorated by post-processing immediately after application with structures. On the basis of synthetic resin there are ready-made plasters for the outside, which are usually thinner than mineral finished plasters. Thus, they are easier and faster to apply, however, with these products, the subsequent structuring is limited.

Primers for greater adhesion

Some finishing plasters for outdoor use, depending on the nature of the masonry a preparatory surface. For walls with low absorption, such as bricks or roughcast, a pre-grout mortar forms a reinforced adhesive surface. With strong suction properties of masonry as in shell concrete is often applied a dispersion of plastic. These construction aids are also manufactured as finished products and guarantee the durability of your finished exterior plaster.