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Plasterboard plug: plug

Where the name gypsum pasteboard comes from becomes clear when looking at commercial gypsum plasterboard plugs: the large thread, which is the dowel Hold in the rather light and porous material gives plaster, curls up large slope on the dowel along.

Compared to tilting dowels or other cavity wall plugs, special plasterboard plugs have the advantage that they handle the sensitive drywall material gently. Toggle plugs and metal cavity dowels exert too much pressure, the plaster can crack or break.

This article introduces plasterboard dowels and their uses for do-it-yourselfers.


The installation of plasterboard plugs is best with the in the Usually enclosed mounting aid perform. In one operation, this drills a hole for the dowel and screw it firmly. Advantage: The hole always fits and the tool does not need to be removed.

Of course, plasterboard dowels can also be installed without this mounting aid. This is more likely laborious and must be done carefullyso that the screw holder is not damaged by the hard screwdriver blade.


Plasterboard plug: dowels

The functionality of plasterboard dowels is quite simple, but they do not have much to do with conventional dowels. The snail-shaped Thread burrows itself into the material a - a spread does not take place, the dowel stops by the cutting effect of the thread.

Although the stability of the dowel is sufficient for a cutting action in the plasterboard, the material is quite soft. Therefore, should at the end screw to be screwed did not spend too much force become.

Load capacity

The Load-bearing capacity of plasterboard dowels is less fragile by the used dowel material rather than by the structurally fragile Limited plasterboard, Therefore, items that can generate large leverage (e.g., racks, towel racks) should be hung only with care and secure fit of the dowel.

Plasterboard walls can also age: In old drywall constructions, the Gypsum less susceptible to moisture and aging as in modern constructions.

In addition one should at inconspicuous place the quality of the material with a screwdriver Check: "Bröselige", cheap plasterboard can not be "persuaded" with the best dowel to sustainable cooperation. In this case, then should be considered on a mounting on a support beam or on another wall.

Attention: Plasterboard walls may lose stability over time! Therefore, you should not burden them too heavily from the outset. An examination of the wall condition and the carrying capacity are part of a good and safe installation!

Versions of plasterboard dowels

Depending on the application, plasterboard plugs in plastic or metal versions are offered. The latter version is suitable for significantly heavier loads and can also be used on thick plasterboard walls.

In the trade, these are usually considered GK (plasterboard plug made of plastic) and GKM (plasterboard plug metal) available. These designations, derived from the market leader Fischer, have also established themselves for manufacturers of other manufacturers. A screwing tool is usually enclosed with the packages.

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