Do plastering yourself and what is there to pay attention

When an apartment or a house is renovated, new pipes or pipes have been laid or just a new wall covering is due, is often resorted to plaster, to make the wall again flat and provided with a suitable covering. Here you can save a lot of money if you are a trained home improvement in the field of building and renovation.

When mostly plastering work has to be done

If it is only minor damage such as holes or the like, the original state can usually be restored with a little filler and paint. But when pipes or pipes have been re-laid, it is no longer done with a new coat of paint. Now it's about closing the walls or plastering them again. With a little practice, this work can be mastered. But this only applies if you pay attention to a few things.

Good preparation is very important

Preparing the wall for the new surface is a fundamental requirement for the success of your work. Therefore, you should make sure that the plastered wall contains no loose components of the old wall covering, is clean and dry. In addition, the wall should be able to absorb the new material easily. Optionally, a primer may be useful.

What you should pay attention to when plastering

In principle, plaster work consists of several individual steps, including the following:

  • First, the wall is thoroughly prepared by removing loose spots from old building materials, removing any other soiling and, if necessary, applying a primer.
  • After mixing, the plaster is now applied to the wall with a trowel.
  • Subsequently, the plaster is peeled off, so that a flat surface as possible. It is important that this work is carried out as quickly as possible, since wall plasters usually dry out relatively quickly.

Some tips for easier plastering of walls

Once you have thoroughly prepared the wall surface, you should prepare all necessary tools such as a stirrer, spatula or trowel before starting work, so that you can carry out all work steps directly. You should also have thoroughly completed the relevant preparatory work before you go to work. Stick the spots that should remain clean, remove the furniture from the room and lay out floor mats. All these works save you extra effort.

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