Open plastic bottle, which will defend against turning it by hand

Normally, a plastic bottle has a screw cap which is screwed onto a thread embossed in the bottle neck. One or two longitudinal grooves provide controlled release of pressure when opened, creating the familiar hiss. Some bottles can not be opened by finger power, which can have several causes.

Locate and remove the circlip

Plastic bottles with screw caps are basically the same as glass bottles. A thread with four to five turns must be overcome by turning in a counterclockwise direction. Again and again hooking hooks up on both newly purchased and reused bottles. Causes can be mechanical or thermal.

First, it should be checked whether a safety ring exists under the screw cap. As with glass bottles, this safety ring is attached to the screw head with two to four bars. He can block or turn. The cutting of the holding webs with a pair of scissors or a cutter or wallpaper knife can solve the problem.

Use gripping aids

The surface of the side gripping surfaces on the screw cap often do not hold enough to smooth, moist or even wet palms and fingers. Here help gripping aids to prevent slipping:

  • Rough cloth
  • leather
  • microfiber cloth
  • working gloves
  • Rough substances of all kinds

If the power transmission is insufficient, leverage forces are the next most intense step. In this case, however, care must be taken to dosed force in order not to crush the closure and the bottleneck and destroy. The following mechanical lever aids, also in combination with gripping aids, are applicable:

  • Nutcracker
  • Bottle opening pliers
  • pipe wrench

Thermally influence

Mechanical causes are not always the reason for a blocked screw cap. When freezing a plastic bottle, extreme external temperature conditions such as extreme and intense sunlight or strong shaking in the plastic bottle, an excess or negative pressure may have arisen.

In both cases, the mobility of the screw cap can be affected. Shaken plastic bottles should be "calmed down" for several hours. Hot bottles can be refrigerated in the fridge. Frozen plastic bottles should be allowed the time of perfect thawing before they are opened.

Tips & Tricks

Some drinks, especially from foreign manufacturers, are available with crown corks on the plastic bottle. Even if a levering off is evidently necessary, the closures can be screwed with a few turns.

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