Plastic flooring - a durable alternative to wood

For outdoor use, wood in our latitudes is rather unsuitable in the long term, as it not only rots but is also very slippery when wet. A durable alternative is there plastic flooring for terrace and balcony.

Terrace shape for eternity

Many do-it-yourselfers would like to use wood as a terrace covering. But the disadvantages of real wood are diverse in addition to the sometimes high price. After about ten years, the terrace will have already dissolved, if one has selected a favorable type of wood.

An alternative are tropical woods, which are an expensive pleasure not only in price, but also in terms of their environmental balance. Despite these two detrimental aspects, these woods do not really last a lifetime.

So the handle to the plastic plank remains a worthwhile alternative, also in terms of price. Especially since the present day qualities of plastic flooring by the sun's rays are no longer gray or brittle.

Many plastic planks are made of shredded plastic, which is originally obtained from old plastic parts. Thanks to this recycling, a patio floor made of plastic is also a real green alternative for nature lovers. Because the environmental balance of these planks is simply unbeatable.

Plastic floorboards unexpectedly cheap

A good quality of plastic flooring for the terrace you can get today for about five euros per meter running. The standard lengths of the plastic planks are also advantageous. Up to six meters long planks are available almost everywhere in the trade.

The different lengths of the floorboards are not as different in price, as it must necessarily be the case with a grown wood. Therefore, one should measure accurately and adapt the terrace eventually to the cheapest available lengths.

There are no surcharges to pay in the usual standard colors. The plastic plank is usually roughly grooved on one side, while it is finely corrugated on the other side.

Depending on your taste, you can choose how strong the ribbing should be. However, some suppliers also supply planks that are quite smooth on at least one side.

Tips & Tricks

For the floor covering in a laundry room or at a side entrance within the house smooth plastic floorboards are a cheap alternative. Depending on the taste and danger of slipping, the finely corrugated side of the plastic planks is another possibility that lasts forever.

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