Plastic sheets for the balcony

Plastics are an integral part of our daily lives. They are practical and offer many benefits. The material has long since lost its grimy image, high-quality processing techniques offer elegant and sophisticated plastic products. In particular, plastic panels can be found on many balconies and terraces. Do you want to make changes to your balcony with plastic panels, but some special features and requirements are observed.

Application of plastic sheets on the balcony

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polycarbonate in particular were able to establish themselves as good work and building materials. These panels can be made opaque in different colors, but also translucent. Explicitly the translucent plastic sheets made of PMMA are also commonly known as acrylic glass. Now you have to limit the balcony, what you need the plastic sheets for:

  • as a floor covering
  • for wall cladding (similar to the plastic panels for the facade)
  • as privacy screen sideways (in the form of an exposed wall)
  • to cover a Balkonumwehrung or balustrade
  • as a real defense
  • Plastic panels for roofing

The only plastic components that can not be used in the form of plates are those for a balcony flooring made of plastic. For this, you refer to certain laying systems, which are laid similar to a laminate.

Materials and systems for balcony cladding and roofing

For all other applications, there are plastic plates in various designs, from the pure plastic plate to the composite plate:

  • Plastic sheets made of PMMA
  • Plastic sheets made of polycarbonate
  • Integral foam mats (PVC)
  • Composite panels with plastic core and aluminum sheathing
  • Full core plates made of HPL (high-pressure pressed laminate, high pressure laminate)
  • Composite panels in lightweight construction (composite panel with a fiberglass core)

PMMA and polycarbonate plastic sheets on the balcony

At the forefront of popularity are plastic sheets made of PMMA and polycarbonate. In addition to translucent light building boards, they are also opaque in all possible colors. Special polycarbonate and PMMA plates are the so-called web or hollow chamber plates.

Web or hollow chamber plates made of these plastics

These are in principle two plastic plates, which are connected to each other via webs. The webs are also made of the same material for the actual plates. By a different height of the webs and different strengths (usually between 4 and 16 mm) of these plastic plates are achieved. For more information, see "Dimensions of double-wall sheets".

Multi-wall sheets - the perfect balcony roofing

These panels are primarily used as a canopy. The substructure for laying the double-skin sheets can consist of different materials:

  • Wood
  • metal

Laying double-skin sheets

But also the laying of these plates has its peculiarities. Thus, modern laying systems are offered in which the web plates are laid in profiles, without screwing or gluing. The typical creaking and crackling noises are thus largely neutralized.

Not just on the balcony

These multi-wall sheets offer such outstanding features that they are not only used as balcony roofing. Even winter gardens, terrace roofing or a greenhouse made of double-skin sheets have long been a matter of course. While mainly balcony boards should be used for the balcony roofing, simple plastic panels can also be used for the enclosure.

Panels for roofing, single panels for balcony covering

The hollow-core panels are therefore better suited as roofs for balconies, because they also have a heat-insulating and thus heat-protective effect, without restricting the view great. Thus, the living area under the balcony roofing made of hollow chamber panels can not really heat up dramatically - even when the sun is shining intensely.

Tips & Tricks

A balcony balustrade is built on the outer base of the balcony floor, mostly of a full material and encloses a balcony completely. A defense is also completely enclosing, but is usually mounted on the front of the balcony floor plate. It is not full in most cases.

When constructing measures on the balcony, a number of mandatory regulations must be observed. These include the ETB guideline "Components that protect against falling" (standards of the Committee for "Uniform Technical Building Regulations") and the proof of suitability according to DIN 18800, which is defined by the applicable state building code (LBO).

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