Clean plastic windows - what remedies help

The question of which cleaning agents are suitable for plastic windows, and which help the best, separates the ghosts. That's why the best tips for cleaning and the most effective cleaning agents for plastic windows are summarized in this guide.

cleaning requirements

  • Light soiling
  • Heavier soiling
  • discoloration
  • Adhesive substances
  • Clean and maintain seals
  • Maintain hinges

Light soiling

Slight soiling on plastic windows occurs relatively quickly. Plastic is electrostatically attractive and therefore keeps dirt tight. Over time, more and more dirt collects on the window frame.

Dirt can be easily removed if the electrostatic attraction is broken. All you need is water with a dash of detergent or all-purpose cleaner. Regular cleaning ensures that the dirt can not accumulate.

For the glass panes of plastic windows, water and detergent are also suitable. After cleaning with a sponge, it is best to use a puller. Then polish with a soft, lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Even an old newspaper is good for polishing. All the streaks disappear.

Heavier soiling

Stronger and more sticky soiling on the window frame can be eliminated by spraying on cleaning agents such as all-purpose cleaner and allowing it to take effect. Beware of aggressive cleaners that can attack or discolour plastic. A note on this is usually on the packaging of the cleaner.

Hot water dissolves heavy soils better than cold. With very greasy dirt you can simply add more detergent to the cleaning water to increase the fat-dissolving effect. Alternatively, you can also use power cleaner with a particularly high fat dissolving power.

This makes it possible to remove both heavy soiling on the frame and the window glass. For heavily soiled windows, glass cleaning foam for car windows can also be a great help.


Discoloration can be a problem. Substances that cause discoloration have mostly invaded the plastic.

An exception is only discoloration by nicotine. Here, the sticky substance adheres only to the surface and can usually be easily removed with power cleaners.

For all other discolorations you have to resort to special plastic cleaners. They remove the top layers of plastic, causing weathering and stains to disappear. In lighter cases, has also used plastic scavenger for the dashboard.

Under no circumstances should bleach be used to remove discoloration or weathering. Although the windows look radiant at first glance, they can then completely discolour over.

Clean and maintain seals

The seals should also be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. There are special sealants for this. A treatment once a year is usually sufficient.

Maintain hinges

In addition to cleaning hinges should be maintained once a year with a suitable lubricating oil. It must not come into contact with the seals and should contain no acids if possible.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, before cleaning the window you should make sure to sweep up or suck off coarse dirt. Small dust particles and dirt particles can otherwise lead to scratches over time.

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