Brush plastic window frames with increasing intensity

The cleaning of window frames made of plastic can be a demanding task, since the balance between protection and effectiveness of cleaning agents is difficult to assess. In addition there is a surface contamination due to the static charge, which leads to "sticky" dust on the surface and to material fatigue.

Never clean it dry

The most basic rule when cleaning plastic window frames is to avoid dry cleaning. Always clean with a damp cloth, never with a dry cloth or cloth, as dry wiping will cause scratches.

The cleaning process should be started with light means and increased according to success or failure. Cleaners containing solvents, acetone or surfactants must never be used. Especially with grease cleaners attention must be paid to the ingredients.

The lunar calendar

Many people swear to orient themselves when cleaning the windows on the lunar calendar. The focal point is the glare-free glazing, but even the smooth plastic surfaces can benefit from the right time for plastering.

How to clean plastic window frames

  • dish soap
  • Neutral cleaner or soap
  • washing soda
  • Salmiakgeist
  • grease Cleaning
  • oven cleaner
  • spirit
  • Eraser
  • microfiber cloth
  • spray bottle
  • hairdryer

1. Start gently

Mix lukewarm mop water with neutral detergent or detergent and wipe the window frame with a wet cloth soaked in it. Hold a towel under the wipes to catch running water.

2. Grease dirt

If you need to remove greasy dirt on the window frame, spray on grease cleaner suitable for plastic and leave it to work according to the manufacturer's instructions. In the same way you can apply mop water with a splash of ammonia.

3. Pollution and bleaching

Spray oven spray on the window frame and wipe with a damp cloth halfway to the specified oven exposure time. Repeat the process. Do not leave the oven spray longer, as it will otherwise attack the plastic.

4. Individual stains

Dab the spots with alcohol or turpentine substitute and immediately wipe with clear lukewarm water. Stop immediately if the plastic is discolored.

5. heating

For all types of plaster you can achieve a better cleaning result by heating the surfaces with a hair dryer.

Tips & Tricks

If the cleaning does not bring a satisfying result, you can think about gluing, wrapping or wallpapering the window frames

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