Plastic windows and their advantages

Plastic windows are among the best-selling windows in Germany. That has its reasons. Where the advantages of plastic windows are compared to other window materials, and where they play their special strength, read here.

Advantages at a glance

Plastic windows offer many advantages:

  • a clear price advantage over other window forms
  • weatherability
  • robustness
  • low cleaning and care costs
  • numerous design options

price advantage

Prices for plastic windows are significantly lower than for other window types.

Wood windows are often already more than 30% more expensive, and additionally cause a significant maintenance effort, which is also associated with costs.

Although aluminum windows are generally easy to clean and durable, they can sometimes be almost twice as expensive as plastic windows.

The price advantage also leads to a quick amortization, in addition, promotions can be optimally exploited by the cheaper window.


Compared to wooden windows, plastic windows are relatively impervious to weathering. The material is very weather-resistant in most cases, but can fade more or less visibly over decades, depending on the material quality and design.

Low cleaning and care costs

Plastic windows do not need to be painted at regular intervals so they do not weather. For wooden windows this is required every few years.

Plastic windows are quite insensitive to soiling and can be cleaned well even with heavier soiling with aggressive cleaning agents (plastic cleaner).

Dirt does not adhere well to the very smooth plastic surfaces and is usually easily removed with regular cleaning.

Numerous design options

Unlike aluminum and wood windows, there are many colors and designs available for plastic windows. The choice of design possibilities is thus higher than with other window forms.

Only in terms of the shape of the frame does Alu often offer advantages over plastic: the frames can be made narrower and can be made into different shapes that are not possible with plastic casting. The possible disadvantages of aluminum windows, however, often put this small advantage back into perspective.

Tips & Tricks

Note that not every design of plastic windows always looks really good. For many designs, the substrate plastic is not the best choice - the design can then be very artificial and not very appealing (for example, plastics with wood-look decoration).

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