Make plates - 3 simple variants

Plates can be made in very different ways. If they are to last longer than one season, it is advisable to use a material that can either be fired or at least obtained a certain stability by drying or heating. Clay, modeling clay or salt dough is well suited for such Dekoteller.

Materials for crafting

Especially for plates are many materials for crafts. Even plaster or cardboard make a great Dekoteller with the matching decor. A plate is really stable and durable but with one of these materials:

  • volume
  • modeling clay
  • salt dough

Burn or dry the clay plate

At first everyone thinks that a plate of clay has to be burned. That is not completely right. However, if it is to be washed off or used in the kitchen, then burning is mandatory. Otherwise, the clay can also be dried easily.

salt dough

A plate of salt dough needs only to be dried. Nevertheless, the surface should be sealed later with a clear coat, otherwise the dough dissolves relatively quickly. The patterns are not so fine with salt dough. Of the three presented variants for crafting a plate, this has the coarsest structure.

modeling clay

With modeling clay you can make very fine plates that almost look like porcelain. The patterns and decors that you immortalize here look much more delicate and delicate.

Shapes of the plate

To make a plate with a very regular edge, it is advisable to put the new plate after rolling out the respective dough on another old plate. So the plate can not deform during drying.

With clay or salt dough but can also be based on the beading a somewhat raised edge. However, it is important that the transitions with the thumb pass very smoothly.

Tips & Tricks

Great patterns can be achieved with paper tips. Especially the larger cake tacks or tray pads made of paper are suitable to conjure up a delicate pattern in your new Dekoteller. All you have to do is push the tip into the blank of your plate and press in with a rolling pin. Then carefully pull the tip back up, the pattern remains in the soft mass.

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