Painting plates - the possibilities

Anyone can paint their own individual plates today. In craft shops and hardware stores, there are both simple porcelain crayons and paint for porcelain, which is applied with a brush. Even with the printer, you can print matching pictures that complement self-painted subjects. Here we show you how you can paint plates yourself.

Decoration or dishes? What should become of the plate?

Before you start refining the plates, you should consider whether the pieces should later be used as a pure decoration or whether you may continue to use these plates for the food. That's crucial when choosing the right color. In addition, you can then apply any additional decorative elements such as lace ribbons or glitter on the plate.

Refine plates and decorate

If the plate is later to serve as decoration, you have all options open. Do not be afraid to use the hot glue gun and attach additional decorative elements next to the painting. You may also want to hang the plate on the wall, then you can use the hot glue gun to glue the suspension securely to the back.

Paint the plate step by step

  • porcelain Color
  • Porcelain
  • pencil
  • carbon paper
  • paper towels
  • ruler
  • eraser
  • brush

1. Select plate

In the hardware stores and craft shops, there are new plates that are not glazed. These are of course well suited for perfect artworks. But you can also use old plates from the cellar, which should be as white as possible. But here you must also pay attention to the quality, because many of the porcelain paints, the color must be baked in the oven. If a plate is already slightly damaged, it could shatter.

2. Cleaning the plates

The plates must of course be fat-free and clean before you can start with the decoration. Wash all fingerprints with dish soap and dry the plate thoroughly.

3. Original or freehand painting

Even if you can paint a motif freehand, you should divide the plate with the ruler in different areas. This will prevent your subject from being centered on the plate. If you want to take a picture of a template, it works with carbon paper. Fix both the carbon paper and the motif a little with tape.

4. Paint the plate and decorate the decor

If there is a problem with the painting of the plate, you can quickly repair it with a little kitchen crepe. After painting, the plate usually has to dry for a day or two before you can set it to burn the oven. Read the manufacturer's instructions for what is intended as temperature and burn time.

Tips & Tricks

Even though many of the paint manufacturers say they can be put into the dishwasher after painting, you better not do that to your self-painted artwork. In this case, wash the plates lukewarm by hand.

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