Enjoy under the shower with beautiful tiles in the shower

In modern designed bathrooms showers in cabin form or with partition walls are only one form of design among many. Variants that open to the bathroom, such as corner showers and floor-level shower enclosures, open up many new design options when selecting tiles.

Deposed or uniform

Depending on the structural condition and size of a bathroom tiles are used for the shower either as a wall covering and flooring only for the shower cabin or cubicle or they are an extension of the tiles used throughout the bathroom.

If the shower has a shower tray or a shower plate, tiles are used as a pure wall covering, which is usually an entry side of the shower open or provided with a door. Without a pan or plate, the floor can be tiled with the same tiles that are attached to the walls, which is rarely done.

Different types of showers

Of the wall tiles divergent decors and species are widespread, whereby the darker tiles of the shower are usually applied to the floor. Other design options without shower tray or plate more or less involve the rest of the bathroom.

  • For floor-level showers, the tiled floor of the entire bathroom is pulled through without interruption and the separation of the shower only through walls or doors, usually made of transparent material.
  • A visual offset of the shower in floor-level showers is done by selecting other tiles that connect without height difference to the remaining bathroom tiles. Popular are light-dark contrasts or the same tiles of different sizes.
  • Brick-built or curb-shaped shower frames form a shower tray with access, in which both the shower floor and the border are tiled, set or equal to the rest of the bathroom tiles.
  • In open corner showers in the color different wall tiles of the same size and type are popular, which represent only an optical demarcation of the shower.
  • Room or standing high bricked shower cubicles are tiled on two sides, the outside of the bathroom are often integrated into the general bathroom tiles and the inner walls of the shower are provided with other tiles.

Tips & Tricks

When passing through floor-level showers, a slope to the drain must always be planned. If a height difference can only be achieved by a higher shower floor, it is possible to set a border made of stone next to shower trays. So the tiles of the Restbads can also run in the shower.

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