Coloring a pleated - how does it work?

Pleats are very much in vogue, as well as decorative as well as decorative folding shutters protect our rooms from too much sun and still look good. But sometimes, perhaps after a renovation, the color of the plisse does not match the decor or the taste of its owner has changed. How can a plisse be colored?

Can you really color pleats?

Pleats are made of different materials, but mostly they are dyeable textiles. Take a look at the label of your folding blind or ask the manufacturer what exactly your folding blind is made of. These substances can usually be dyed:

  • cotton
  • viscose
  • linen
  • Wool
  • silk
  • Blended fabric with a maximum of 50% synthetic fiber content

Then look for the right dye for textiles. Read the product details carefully to see if you can handle the fabric of your pleated fabric with it.

A machine wash suitable pleated, which you can completely free from all accessories, can also be dyed in the machine. Most folding shutters are not machine washable.

How can I dye my plisse without a washing machine?

The manufacturers of numerous folding blinds recommend hand washing in the bathtub or another sufficiently large vessel. Is your product part of it? Then you can also dye your pleated in the same way.

First remove your pleated. Then fill the jar or tub with water of the required temperature and add the dye according to the instructions. Stir everything well.

Then immerse the pleated completely in the colored water and let it work for as long as the instructions dictate. Move it back and forth in between. Allow the pleating to dry well after dyeing.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of natural fibers, the dyeing effect is generally more intense than with mixed fabrics. Keep in mind that only very light fabrics can be dyed really well and that the new coloration should always be darker or more colorful.

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