Plissees with Perlex coatings - what can they do?

Plissees with Perlex coating are often praised as being of very high quality. Occasionally, they are also more expensive than other pleats. What are the special characteristics of Perlex pleats and what are the potential uses? Read this article in detail.

Properties of Perlex

Perlex is a coating that shines slightly pearly and is patented in the sun protection area. Perlex is a pigment coating.

Perlex coatings have high reflective properties. For that they were developed.

These coatings are also very resistant to insect soiling, detergents (only alkalis, no acids) and protect the pleated fabric from condensation. The coating is also highly resistant to rubbing (according to DIN 54021) and thus quite solid.

reflectance values

Since Perlex is predominantly used as a highly reflective coating, its reflectance values ​​are of course of particular interest.

A standard-compliant measurement in accordance with DIN EN 410 gives reflectance values ​​of more than 60 percent of the incident light in a white, Perlex-coated fabric. That's about 25 percent more than the fabric would achieve without a coating.

The darker the fabric color, the higher the reflectivity. Therefore, perlex coatings are particularly interesting for dark fabrics.

Advantages over other coatings

For pleats, coatings with aluminum are also common. These have the disadvantage that they can only be used with dark fabrics without optical losses. For lighter fabrics, they affect the color and structure of the fabric very sustainable.

Unlike aluminum as a metal, Perlex consists of a natural mineral that is steamed with titanium dioxide. A toxic or dangerous effect on health does not emanate from the coating.

Effect for the sunscreen

When it comes to avoid heating the room in the summer, window coverings that reflect most of the light are necessary.

Blackout curtains, blinds or window-sun screens are a possibility, pleats with special sunscreen but also perform well.

In comparison with so-called thermo-blocker pleats, which are usually coated with aluminum, Perlex pleats prove to be significantly more effective. Only inside-coated honeycomb pleats are even more effective than simple, perlex-coated pleats due to their inside, insulating air cushion.

However, sun protection films or special thermal curtains often have a greater overall effectiveness than any type of plissee.

Prices for perlex pleats

Perlex pleats are usually more expensive than uncoated or aluminum-coated pleats. Even simple fabrics usually cost well over 25 EUR, while ordinary, uncoated pleats are often available for 5 - 10 EUR.

The upper price limit for such pleats is usually around 50 to 60 EUR. Perlex fabrics are available in all colors.

However, the color does not play a decisive role for the price, and the design and the surface structure usually do not influence the prices. Honeycomb pleats are usually much more expensive than simple pleats, as they are usually regarded as higher quality products.

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