Drill plexiglass cleanly

Plexiglas, actually acrylic glass, is a popular material in the home and garden. Thus, it is not enough that the Plexiglas must be drilled again and again. Basically, drilling Plexiglas is not difficult, but some basic rules must be followed. Below you will find valuable tips and information on drilling Plexiglas.

Plexiglas and its advantages

Plexiglas is nothing but plastic. Therefore, the general name is actually acrylic glass. Plexiglas brings with it numerous benefits that make it very popular with home improvement.

  • very flexible
  • extremely unbreakable
  • inexpensive
  • easily workable
  • Available in all imaginable sizes and strengths

The drilling of Plexiglas

If you also use Plexiglas, it is not enough that you have to drill it again and again. You do not even have to buy special drills for it. Instead, you can recycle an old metal drill accordingly. But you can also drill Plexiglas excellently with other drills.

  • slightly modified metal drills
  • cone drill
  • Step drills

Drill Plexiglas with a modified metal drill bit

Conventional metal drills drill into the material while cutting. This is not advantageous for acrylic glass. Instead, the plexiglass should be scraped off more. Therefore, you must first change the pointed angle of the metal drill.

Prepare the metal drill bit for Plexiglas

Metal drills have an angle of 118 degrees. This is too sharp for Plexiglas. Instead, flatten the drill angle to between 60 and 90 degrees. In addition, make sure that the clearance angle, ie the drop of the drill behind the cutting edge, remains at least three degrees.

Drill plexiglass with a step drill

Step drills consist of a mostly three-part drill set, with which you first start with a small drill and gradually use the next larger drill bit. If the diameter of the largest drill is too large, you can still use it to chamfer the hole. Drilling with stepped drills has some advantages.

  • scratch free drilling
  • no chatter marks
  • be able to chamfer
  • no splintering of the drill edges
  • absolutely cylindrical bore

Drill the Plexiglas with a bevel drill

Similar benefits are also shown by the conical drill when drilling Plexiglas. They also prevent chipping of the drill edges. In particular, the final piercing or drilling out of the Plexiglas neutralize this risk significantly. The borehole becomes slightly conical with a tapered drill bit.

Basics for drilling acrylic glass

Regardless of which drill you are using, you must follow a few basic rules to make the drill result truly perfect. By using drilling oil or drilling emulsion you prevent excessive heating of the Plexiglas. Otherwise, heat could alter the static properties and cause the acrylic glass to crack. In addition, the drilling surface remains clear and scree free.

Speed ​​and feed

Accordingly, it is also important to drill at the right speed. This basically applies to all techniques, but especially to drilling with a converted metal drill bit. Too high speeds lead to melting of Plexiglas and thus possibly to cracks.

On the other hand, slow drilling literally breaks the plexiglass, chatter marks are just as possible as irregularities in the bore wall. The feed (contact pressure during drilling) must also be correct, so it must not be too strong or too weak.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not dare to flatten a metal drill, you can also make the drill dull. Drill for a few seconds at high speed on concrete - of course without impact. This will make the cutting edge of the drill dull and better at scraping. If you have never drilled Plexiglas, you should definitely drill test a piece of scrap material, regardless of the drill system used.

Plexiglas is like Eternit (fiber or corrugated concrete) or the Flex (angle grinder) a brand name. The correct name for the transparent plastic is acrylic glass.

Naturally, you will also receive additional articles and guides for drilling various materials such as drilling granite in the house journal.

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