Survey land - you should know that

When selling a property, but also to avoid quarrels with neighbors, surveying a property can often be useful. What you have to consider when surveying, and when you should measure a plot, read in this post.

Duty to measure?

Basically, you do not have to measure land that you acquire. But measuring can be useful in some cases:

  • if you buy only part of a property
  • if there are no more frontiers (landmarks) at the location
  • If you think landmarks are in the wrong place
  • if a fence or building does not appear to match the property boundaries

In such cases, surveying by a survey office always helps to gain confidence over the course of the property boundaries. The Surveying Office then takes a so-called cross display in front.

Limit display and border surveying

A limit indicator is the simpler method. Here, only with the help of documents from the cadastre, the boundaries are measured and existing boundary marks are highlighted in color and none are displayed by means of coffers. The method is only applicable if there are no differences with the neighbors that need to be eliminated or resolved and the limits are already established.

In the so-called sovereign procedure, which is much more expensive, also explanations of the neighbors are taken to the border and all the shortcomings of the so-called marking eliminated. This procedure is also called border surveying.

It is also possible to determine the limits that have not yet been determined and to accept them legally binding from the neighbors. If in reality differences to the cadastral documents appear, they will be in one official surveying eliminated. The border survey is the starting procedure.

survey costs

The costs of border surveying depend on the respective state. Each federal state has an official fee scale for surveying costs. As a rule, these costs consist of a base amount and so-called ground costs.
Simple limit displays, on the other hand, are generally billed according to the (cheaper) HOAI. Again, there are fixed rates for the costs of surveying.

Tips & Tricks

To determine a borderline easily and inexpensively, you can also commission a so-called border certificate. In this case, the costs are about half compared to a full-scale, sovereign border survey.

Video Board: How does land surveying work?