Straighten property - then it will be a dream property

Before it goes to the shell or a new investment in the garden or the grounds, a number of earthworks are straightening the plot on the work plan. How extensive the subsequent ground movements will be is shown by the correct leveling of the planned building land.

To straighten a property, experts say to level it, there can be various occasions. Examples would be the creation of a new garden or the preparation of a property for the shell of the future house. To ensure that everything fits statically and optically later, the area concerned is first measured.

Accuracy is trumps on the building!

Not as a few decades ago with tape measure and solder, ie length times width, but also the determined height measurements between two or even several points play an important role. So there is a kind of plastic floor plan, in which the height differences are determined by comparing angle and distance measurements. As a 3-D image, not to the meter, but accurate to the millimeter.

When is leveling required?

Straightening a plot will be the easiest in experience, if it is a level or only slightly hilly terrain. The greater the difference in height within the building plot, the more measuring points are recorded in order to reach the conclusion that static laws as well as landscape rules set by authorities are taken into account during the construction phase. The preliminary work to straighten the property is often done by the architect, usually in cooperation with a surveying engineer, as these cartographic documents are part of the building permit to be applied for. The leveling devices, however, work much more precisely and require a lot of specialist knowledge.

Device types for leveling

Anyone planning to straighten a plot will find equipment for leveling in specialist shops, which, depending on the functional principle, can be subdivided into two main groups:

  • Cross Line Laser
  • rotating laser

Particularly high-quality and technically mature lasers even work (almost) automatically. You can in rented many DIY stores or of course bought. Cheap and average equipment for leveling cost depending on equipment and maximum range of the system between 250, - and 450, - €.

Straighten grounds with a pickaxe or wheel loader

The thus obtained digital terrain model with contour lines now serves to straighten the practical site, with the appropriate technology from the client yourself or an earthworks company can be realized. Which tool, or whether even heavy technology has ran, ultimately decides the size of the property along with the level of height differences that need to be removed or refilled.

Tips & Tricks

The more precisely the leveling takes place, the more efficiently the land can be straightened out later on due to the measurements obtained. If the one-time measurement of the floor area is sufficient, you can rent the necessary equipment inexpensively at the hardware store or from a special specialist company.

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