Dipping saw in use

Jigsaws without drilling

Dipping saw in use: test


The parading discipline of the multitool is undoubtedly the diving saw: Like butter, the diving saw blade glides into our "test board" made of rough-fibred OSB board.

As simple as the construction of the diving saw is, is also their use: Due to the vibration, the saw blade "eats" itselfsimply inserts into the wooden surface, if necessary with millimeter precision.

With the Existing saw blade can also cuts in plastic To run. Thanks to the narrow saw blade, the tool can also be used well in hard-to-reach corners or in edge areas.

Diving saws, made easy

Dipping saw in use: dipping

Approach with the diving saw

The diving saw is really one excellent tool for fine cuts and difficult woods. The saw blade literally plunges into the wood, the oscillation technique prevents excessive chip clearance and chipping. Like a piece of paper, the submersible saw glides accurately through the test board.

The diving saw can also be set at right angles, as shown on the right in the picture. in the Frame of the adjustment of the essay are also other positions possible, depending on the application.

Dipping saw in use: diving

Dive into the wood

Dip saws with the round saw blade

Also the round saw blade, which itself during the separation test with the steel table legs not proven, can be excellent for diving saws use.

This shows the ability of the round saw: Fast and precise, straight cuts penetrate almost effortlessly into the wooden plate. Of course that is Sawing depth is not as great as the narrow dipping saw bladeHowever, the decisive advantage is the "drive" of the tool.

Dipping saw in use: dipping

Approach of the circular saw blade

By the Circular saw blade, the cut can be guided straight through the wood become.

Again, this is the Chip formation very restrained and does not fly the handyman "around the ears". slice to a depth of approx. 20 mm can be done with the round saw blade.

Dipping saw in use: dipping

Sawing with the round saw blade

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