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  • The diving circular saw is ideal as a tool for recesses - that is work in the workpiece. This is made possible by the angularly movable circular saw blade.
  • The biggest advantage of a diving circular saw is its precision and plunge cutting. It is particularly useful for countertops in the kitchen to integrate sink, stove or dishwasher.
  • With a guide rail, working with the submersible saw can be made more efficient. It not only promotes precision but also serves as splinter protection against fraying cut edges.

Diving saw comparison 2018: 2018

1. The power, the saw blade and the guide rail decide on the result

Diving saw comparison 2018: comparison

A circular saw blade of the diving saw for the woodcut. It has 60 teeth and a diameter of 165 mm.

A diving saw can be described as a circular saw, which also has the so-called plunge cut.

Recesses in the material can be sawn so easily. However, the jigsaw is more suitable for special contours (eg curves) because the dipping saw, like the circular saw, is responsible for clean, straight cuts.

Since a diving circular saw belongs to the category of electric tools and has a motor, its performance varies from model to model. A powerful engine handles even harder woods such as ash and maple. Weaker models are more suitable for pine or spruce and thus soft woods.

But the saw blade also plays a significant role in the result of the cut. Qualitative and high-quality circular saw blades significantly improve the cleanliness of the cut. In addition, there are leaves that can be selected depending on the material to be processed (eg, by type and type of wood).

Diving saw comparison 2018: circular

With the operation of the lever, the movable circular saw blade of a dip saw can dip. This makes it possible to cut a recess with the tool.

The plunge cut can not be done by most types of saws. Some devices (such as the jigsaw) can only be used with a complicated technique for plunge cutting. In the stress test, only the diving circular saw is really safe and easy to use.

2. Purchase advice: 90 degrees is the normal state and aspiration protects your lungs

2.1. The engine power is not easy to read

With an indication in watt the power of the dipping saw is determined. Unfortunately, this term is often misinterpreted. Because he is merely an indication of the power consumption: So the amount of power that can be consumed by the device.

Diving saw comparison 2018: comparison


An immersion saw with 1,200 watts consumes 1,200 watt-hours (1.2 kilowatt-hours) per hour.

A device with 1,400 watts thus has a higher power consumption, but not necessarily more power.

The idle speed is not an indicator for a strong electric motor. It merely describes the revolutions which a saw blade makes within one minute and free-rotating (ie without material to be sawn).

But just because the dip saw has a high idle speed, it does not have to be effective for a long time. A weak engine breaks down massively as soon as it penetrates into a material.

Diving saw comparison 2018: comparison


Cheap immersion saws can boast high performance (power consumption) and high idle speed. Nevertheless, the installed engine is relatively weak and fails on thick or hard materials.

Ultimately, there is no value that describes the true engine power. For this reason, you should be familiar with well-known brands and manufacturers such as Festool, Makita, Bosch Professional, DeWALT and so on.

2.2. The maximum depth of cut increases in proportion to the larger angle of inclination

Stiftung Warentest

"Cheap vs. Brand" is a test that looks at the quality of cheap jigsaws and handheld circular saws compared to brand name products. The difference is very serious and many cheap saws have even failed with the judgment "poor", Especially with the "sawing" and the "duration test" they have failed.

"Unique test winners: high-quality branded products from Bosch, Makita and Metabo", according to Stiftung Warentest (10/2010). Although it does not have a test of plunge saws with test vendors, the jigsaw and hand saw comparison already shows that well-known manufacturers almost a guarantee for good diving saws are.

Not only dip saws, but all circular saws differ in the depth of cut.

Two factors determine this:

  • the size of the saw blade
  • the design of the saw

In our dip saw comparison we have listed the saw blade diameter and the different cutting depths according to the angle of inclination.

Most diving saws can dip into the material at 90° by 55 mm. At 45°, the value decreases to around 40 mm.

If a larger circular saw blade can be attached to the circular plunge saw, the cutting depth can be increased if necessary.

2.3. What do the different angles of inclination mean?

Diving saw comparison 2018: 2018

The normal cut with a circular saw starts at 90 degrees. The saw blade touches the material at this angle.

Each circular saw can be changed in its angle. The angle of inclination describes how the saw blade stands for the material.

The normal cut begins with an angle of 90 degrees. Thus, the circular saw blade can cut the deepest in the material.

But also 45 degrees are possible, which is called a miter cut. With this procedure, for example, the wood is sawed or sawn at an angle.

Among other things, picture frames can be made by placing both beveled edges at a 90 degree angle.

If you mainly saw beveled edges, we recommend a look at our miter saw comparison. Because although each circular saw (and thus also plunge saw) masters a miter cut, not every miter saw is automatically a circular saw.

  • to our saw saw comparison

2.4. Suction: Fine dust endangers your health

Diving saw comparison 2018: comparison

With a guide rail, the plunge-cut saw can be controlled even more precisely and safely.

Saw dust is so fine that it quickly gets into the respiratory tract while working. It penetrates the bronchi into the lungs, as it is not caught by nasal membranes and mucous membranes.

If fine dust is inhaled over a longer period of time, tissue changes and impairments occur. Depending on the chemical composition of the dust (ie sawn material), the effects are different. Affected suffer from the so-called pneumoconiosis.

For this reason The diving circular saw has a chip extraction, which takes place via a vacuum cleaner, This is attached to a suction nozzle and prevents sawdust in the air.

Some models also have a dust cassette. This captures coarser chips. After work or when the cassette is full, the waste can be dumped. Fine dust is hardly prevented.

When buying a dip saw, be sure to check for the possibility of suction. Your lungs will thank you in the long run.

3. Safety instructions: The importance of protective clothing

You would not be the first person to lose a finger on a circular saw. Even the best circular saw is a dangerous tool if handled incorrectly. For this and other Greens the right protective clothing is very important. We show you in our dip saw comparison 2018, what is really important:

safety goggles

Diving saw comparison 2018: diving

At the top of the list of safety is the safety goggles. It prevents sawdust from getting into the eyes and injuring them

  • Safety glasses with strap
  • Safety glasses with tape
ear protection

Diving saw comparison 2018: blade

Not only in older age decreases the hearing, even by excessive use of the ears - for example, when sawing with an electrical device.

Permanent and loud sound damages earlywhy the hearing protection with frequent use of the diving saw is a must.

working gloves

Diving saw comparison 2018: comparison

Wood splinters or nails in the material can injure the hands and the sawdust also dry out the skin.

Not only for users of the dip saw, but for every handyman who works with wood, work gloves are part of the standard equipment.

Dust extraction

Diving saw comparison 2018: 2018

As in chapter 2.4. already mentioned in detail, the dust extraction is very important.

Fine dust settles in the lungs, which can lead to impairments with larger quantities or permanent loading.

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