Plywood is wonderfully easy to work!

Plywood is not only a cost-effective material, but it can also be used in many ways. Above all, the easy workability stands out, which makes this product so wonderfully flexible. Not only the neighbor's rabbit hutch or the body of the new kitchen consist of it, but also the hull of the new boat, which lies at the quarry pond! Here are some insights into the wide world of plywood makers.

DIY: Plywood edit for all purposes

DIY fans always like to rely on plywood, even before the big Euro pallet hype, it was one of the most popular craft materials. Much of what can be done with solid wood, goes well with the cheaper plywood.

Sawing, cutting, drilling, printing, foiling, painting, oiling, laminating: This is just a small excerpt of the possibilities that plywood offers a home improvement and hobbyist. So there are no limits to creativity!

What is plywood exactly?

Plywood can be processed so easily, because the versatile wood material has a special structure: At least three layers of wood are glued together so that their fibers are at a 90-degree angle to each other.

In this way, the swelling and shrinkage of the material is largely suppressed, creating a product that largely retains its dimensions. Due to the arrangement and number of individual layers of wood, the properties can be varied. These materials serve as wood layers in plywood:

  • Wood veneer (veneer board)
  • Wooden sticks (Tischlerplatte)
  • Solid wood (cross laminated timber)
  • other wood-based materials (composite plywood)

Treat plywood so that it becomes watertight

Plywood can also be processed so that the surface is waterproof. To do this, lay glass fiber or carbon fiber fabric on the substrate and then soak it with a special synthetic resin. To do this, simply use a brush.

This process is called "lamination," because a waterproof protective layer is applied to a surface and firmly bonded. Plywood treated in this way can even serve as a boat hull.

Plywood with paint and foil edit

Plywood can also be embellished in a simple way, for example by painting it or painting it with wall paint. If you do not feel like picking up paint and brushes, you use a decorative foil to shape the surface.

Tips & Tricks

Who would like to saw plywood clean, preferably uses a fine-toothed saw blade or, in the case of thin material, a craft knife. With sandpaper, the edges can then be easily smoothed.

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