Build the pedestal steps yourself - tips and hints

For a pedestal staircase you need more material as well as more space. In addition, the pedestal steps is not quite as easy to build as a simple staircase staircase. What you should pay attention to, if you want to build a pedestal staircase yourself, we show you here with important information about this staircase.

Pedestal steps - pedestal form

Pedestal steps differ in three basic types. In the first variant, the pedestal interrupts only a gradual staircase, which continues after the podium in the same direction. In the second variant, the pedestal has twice the width of the stairs and the staircase then continues in the opposite direction.

The third variant is basically the most elaborate form. There are two or more podiums, each of which makes a right-angle change of direction. To build a pedestal staircase yourself, this is certainly the highest difficulty level that you can choose.

Stable pedestal

Basically, the pedestal actually represents a single step and is therefore included in the calculation of the pedestal steps as such, but in the construction it is an extra component, so to speak. If you want to build a pedestal staircase yourself, you should use the pedestal as a basic construction for your staircase.

Interrupt cheeks

The pedestal breaks the cheeks of the stairs. The entire load of the individual stair parts thus rests on the pedestal, according to the substructure must be performed.

Important points in the construction

Since the construction under the pedestal should be very stable and durable, it is very practical, for example, to plan the space under the pedestal as a storage room. So you can hide the construction timbers and at the same time gain space to put an end to everyday things.

These points are important if you want to build a pedestal staircase yourself:

  • material selection
  • step height
  • Tread depth
  • landing size
  • podium form
  • handrail

Tips & Tricks

As a basic form, the pedestal steps are ideal, especially with regard to age. Half-turn or quarter-turn staircases have very narrow tapered steps in the corners, which are triangular. Therefore, there is a strong risk of stumbling, with a walking stick is such a staircase hardly cope.

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