Pedestal steps - prices and costs

A pedestal staircase not only needs a little more space in the house, it is also usually much more expensive than a simple staircase staircase. This is due to the nature of the construction, which usually has to be calculated completely differently. In addition, of course, a landing staircase has a higher material requirement. Here we show you, which prices you have to plan for a pedestal staircase.

Podium and construction

For example, in the case of a staircase with a staircase, the two cheeks, as a supporting element of the construction, lead the steps up the entire length of the stairs. If these cheeks are now interrupted so that a pedestal can be used, both the stairs and the pedestal require a different grip.

This is made by means of upright posts, but they must intercept the entire forces acting on the stairs. Therefore, it is still not done with one or two bars. The landing stairs must therefore be designed completely different. But it also offers much more convenience.

Factors for the price

In addition to the more stable construction method, the price for the landing stairs still needs to include the material. A wooden staircase therefore depends on the type of wood you have selected.

In a steel staircase with a covering made of natural stone, such as marble or granite, it depends on the type of stones and the processing of these stones. We have selected a few examples below, but unfortunately it has to be said that prices rise very fast if special requests or unusual dimensions have to be taken into account.

Examples of prices

  • Lower price category - beech / pine / ash - pedestal steps Room height 2.60 meters from 3.000 EUR
  • middle price range - maple / oak - pedestal stairs room height 2.60 meters from 3.800 EUR
  • high price range - cherry - pedestal staircase room height 2.60 meters from 5.000 EUR
  • simple metal staircase - wooden steps - with 1 pedestal room height 2.60 meters from 2.800 EUR
  • Metal staircase with stone steps - with 1 pedestal room height 2.60 meters from 3.400 EUR

Tips & Tricks

You should not save on a pedestal staircase. Have the stairs measured and calculated exactly by a good stair builder. The additional costs will later be paid for by a perfect staircase and, if necessary, he can also design the space under the pedestal as a practical storage room.

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