Point foundation for the garden house or carport

Create a point foundation for garden shed, carport, tool shed or tree house

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: point

If you have a garden, there are so many opportunities to build your own projects. A home improvement does not lack ideas! Garden furniture, tool sheds, carports and garden houses to make themselves are just a few of them. But what is not missing is of course a tree house! Naturally, the ambitious do-it-yourselfer takes on projects like this, but before the construction can begin, the foundations have to be laid. In a self-made tree house, which can not be directly attached to the tree (size and thickness of the tree may be too small), it is therefore necessary to create point foundations in which the load-bearing wooden beams are concreted via post anchor (H anchor). This supports the entire construction and makes it more stable.

Material and tool requirements


  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Wrench or ratchet with matching nuts
  • wheelbarrow
  • Shovel and spade
  • watering Can

Working materials:

  • 16x fast concrete or screed 40 kg bag (about 4 bags per foundation)
  • 4x post anchor (H-anchor 141x600mm)
  • Maurer cord
  • Wooden strips for Schnursüst

For such projects, point foundations should be cast from concrete. The use of H-anchors, in which the wooden beams are bolted, lends itself here. Through the use of post anchors, the wood has no direct contact with the ground which ensures good ventilation of the wood. This prevents the wood from being rotten by moisture and ensures a stable and durable construction!

If a concrete foundation or strip foundation is created, the entire foundation must first be measured and aligned. The use of a batter board, as it is used in house construction, offers an optimal solution here. In this guide you will learn useful tips and tricks how to create concrete foundations yourself. No matter which garden and / or house project, building a foundation is tiring but not complicated. Have fun doing it yourself!

The techniques shown for creating point foundations can also be applied to all other construction projects, such as a garden shed, carport or tool shed.

Step 1: Prepare point foundation and posts

No matter if the point foundation is created for a garden house, carport, tree house or a terrace, in each case the concrete foundation must be aligned.

First, the positions of the point foundations with a string and a few sticks are roughly staked. The dimensions are adapted to the conditions, in this case a tree house that is built around a cherry laurel with three trunks.

Since the tree itself is not stable enough to support the treehouse, four post foundations for H-anchors are set.

A Schnoorüst is used in house building. With it, however, foundations can be set even on a small scale. The required parts can be made cheaply in the hardware store or from residual wood.

Tip: Cut the posts sharply to better drive them into the ground.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: house

Prepare and sharpen posts

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: foundation

Roughly mark the point foundation

Step 2: Create the Schnoor

In each corner, a scaffold is now built from the individual parts. There are always 3 piles driven into the ground and these screwed with two cross bars. The whole should have a distance of about 50-80 cm to the center of the marked point foundations. Care should be taken that the resulting angles are as high as 90°.

tip: With a joiner's angle and a straight bar to extend it, the right angle can be easily aligned!

Now the bricklayer cord is used. There are four cords needed at the ends of each a sufficient weight depends. If the cords are hung with tension over the framework, this results in a square. The Schnoor is ready!

TIP: To weight the cords, simply use a hammer, wrench, etc. from the tool box!

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: foundation

About the crossbars four cords are stretched.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: point

In each corner connect three posts with two slats.

Step 3: Align the batter board

Now, the square of mason's string will be aligned at the pre-determined positions where the post anchors will later stand. So that the entire garden shed foundation is also at right angles, the two diagonals of the square are brought to the same degree. If both diagonals are the same length, it also ensures that everything is at right angles. It may take some time to get it right, but you should take that time!

A skewed foundation will cause some construction issues. If the foundation for a garden shed is built later difficulties arise with the statics of the entire construction.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: house

If the diagonals are the same, right angles are created.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: house

Align bricks according to the dimension of the diagonal

Step 4: Mark point foundations with a template

If all dimensions are correct, the final positions of the point foundations can be set. At the same time the excavation of 300 x 300 mm is marked.

In order to align the excavation of the point foundations correctly, a template made of paper measuring 300 x 300 mm is made. In the middle of a stick is inserted and this created exactly at the desired position. With household flour, the contours of the dot foundations are then marked!

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: carport

A template helps to mark the dot foundation.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: point

Flour helps with labeling and is biodegradable

Step 5: Lift the point foundation

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: garden

Dig point foundation with the spade.

The excavation of the point foundations is done with a shovel and a spade. In order to reach the frost protection limit, the excavation depth should be at least 80 cm. The foundation depth should be min. 80-120cm.

With this kind of foundation mustno Gravel be poured before concreting. The base is small and waterlogging poses no danger here.

In order to align the H-anchors correctly later in the point foundations, a few aids (wood residues from the workshop or the like) are needed.

If the H-anchors and the necessary pieces of wood are already laid out beforehand, this can avoid hassle during later insertion into the fresh concrete.

Step 6: Fill in quick concrete and set H anchor

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: garden

Insert the H-anchor in the middle.

Point foundation for the garden house or carport: house

After filling, prime the center with the template.

The quick-mix concrete is mixed according to manufacturer's instructions and poured into the point foundations. In the hole, the concrete should be repeatedly mixed with the shovel and slightly compacted. Fill the foundation with concrete just to the edge. The paper template is placed again and aligned on the batter board to specify the center point exactly. Now the H-anchor can be placed in the wet point foundation and aligned with the well-arranged aids "in the water".

After 24 hours, the concrete has hardened and it can with the actual construction of the garden shed (tool shed, playhouse)

Which foundation for a garden house?

Depending on the size, the foundation of a garden house may require a static calculation. Likewise, the number of dot foundations and the depth can vary. In any case, the foundation should be stable and straight, to ensure a safe construction. This guide shows you all the basic techniques to make a point foundation yourself. The garden house later serves as a shed, bicycle shelter or the like and the floor should not be worked out. Is a point foundation a viable option to safely erect beams while protecting them from moisture in the ground.

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