Create a point foundation yourself

A point foundation always makes sense if you want to fix posts or piles, for example for a fence, or create a terrace on a foundation of single points. But point foundations can not be used everywhere, especially where it comes to carrying purposes at high loads.

Background information

The dot foundation consists, as the name suggests, of individual punctiform foundation blocks. Here posts or piles can be anchored in the ground, a stand can be fixed - or the point foundation serves as a support for the terrace substructure.

In addition, on a correspondingly densely set-off point foundation, a smaller garden shed may also be set, but for all foundations of larger structures you should better consider a continuous foundation plate or a strip foundation.

Step-by-step instructions for a point foundation

  • screed concrete
  • wooden stakes
  • Maurer cord
  • spade
  • Betonwanne
  • mixer
  • concrete Stampfer
  • trowel
  • ev. hammer drill

1. Marking of foundation foundation

Depending on whether you want to fix only a single pile, a whole stand or later on your point foundation want to put a garden shed, of course you need a different number of foundation points. First mark the foundation area with wooden pegs, if necessary, tighten mason's string in between so that you can orient yourself better.

2. Digging the foundation ground

At all support and attachment points, you should excavate around 80 cm deep throughout. Then the foundation is found in the frost-free area.

But make sure that you really lift the foundation pits exactly where you want them. Especially if you later want to put a garden shed or a terrace on the foundation points, the alignment should be kept exactly.

3. Introduction of the concrete

When the foundation pits have been thoroughly excavated, you can mix the screed concrete in the pan. It is best to use a special stirrer that can be mounted on a sufficiently powerful drill.

The concrete should have as much as possible a plastic consistency for insertion. Fill it in portions into the pit and condense it again and again, at the Ede smooth it out with the trowel.

Then allow the concrete to dry properly. Fastening shoes for fence posts or posts can be fastened after about fourteen days, depending on the hardening condition of the concrete with dowels and suitable screws.

Tips & Tricks

A very simple and fast alternative to the classic point foundation made of concrete can also be a drilling foundation for screwing in many cases. Here, no excavation and concreting is necessary, the Einrehgeräte for the drill foundations can often borrow. These drill foundations are also much more stable than impact foundations.

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