Exposed masonry - so you have to proceed

Exposed masonry must be very clean for visual and technical reasons. How to grout properly, where you do not have to grout and which mortars are best, read in this post.

Joint design for exposed masonry

The existing joint network in exposed masonry - this includes, by the way, real clinker facades (facing brick) - is not only optical purposes. Joints also fulfill an important function in the case of exposed masonry in technical terms. The better the joints are made, the more durable the masonry as a whole.

Suitable grout

Basically, only cementless mortar should be used for grouting. Air lime mortar (lime: sand in the ratio 1: 3) and trass lime mortar are quite well suited. Except for natural stones, a minimum cement addition (in relation to sand not more than 1:12) can increase the stability of the mortar.

Too hard mortars lead to the damage of the stones and are one of the main reasons why facades often have to be extensively renovated after just a few decades.

Grouting - step by step

  • grouts
  • water
  • Quast
  • jointer
  • trowel

1. Prepare masonry

The masonry must be clean, free from contamination and free from loose parts before grouting. The best way to sweep the grouting wall thoroughly with a broom to remove loose material and mortar residues completely.

2. Precast masonry

Depending on the type of masonry must be vorgenässt very thoroughly. You can just take a quast that you dip in water, which they then squirt to the wall area that you want to grout. The pre-wetting serves to improve the adhesion of the grout.

3. grouting

Turn the trowels flat side up and apply some mortar. Then hold the trowels on the lower edge of the bearing joint (horizontal joint) and push the mortar into the joint with the joint iron. Firmly press the mortar and smooth the joint. The butt joints (vertical joints) grout in the same way, just hold the grout here on the flat hand (wear rubber gloves).

Tips & Tricks

When grouting, always make sure that you work as cleanly as possible. Dirt with grout are in hindsight very difficult to remove. If you have little exercise with the joiner, just take your time.

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