The privacy of the terraced house

To achieve more privacy as residents of a row house, many people opt for a privacy. In this article, you will learn how to visually and practically improve your privacy in order to create a private yet pleasant atmosphere.

Suitable for the house

In many cases, residents opt for a privacy screen, which fulfills its function well, but in no way matches the design of the house. When choosing your privacy screen, consider the style of the house for a successful combination. Blinds are available in a wide range of variants, from modern to classic designs.

Do not quit

The purpose of privacy is clear: it protects you from the gaze of your neighbors if you want to be on the patio or in the garden. However, you should not overdo it: A privacy screen, which obstructs your view as much as possible and secures you in some way, significantly reduces the quality of living. After all, the purpose of your outdoor area is that you have a bit of freedom instead of spending all day in the house.

The privacy of the terraced house: privacy

If you like to barbecue with your neighbors in the garden in the summer, a variable privacy screen is the right choice for you: Some variants can be folded in order to create more outdoor space in such a situation. But this is only recommended if you have a good relationship with your neighbors, otherwise it is not worth it.


You should compare different providers when choosing your privacy screen to find the best option. Blinds are available from various suppliers: from hardware stores to home providers - the selection is great.

The price also plays a role: there are considerable differences in price from luxurious sight protection made of tinted glass and metal to the simple wood version. Here you should consider: How much do I want to invest to optimally combine look and functionality?

Tips & Tricks

If you are a tenant of a terraced house, you should necessarily inform the landlord in case of changes in privacy. If he agrees with the choice, you have no problems and can use the privacy screen with a clear conscience.

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