Concrete in a U-shaped post carrier - that's how it works

Post girders are needed to accommodate the girders of structures such as patio roofs or carports. The most commonly used post girders are the U-shape and H-shape. Below you will find instructions on how to embed U-shaped post girders.

Various post carriers in U-shape

At first a distinction. Post carriers in U-shape are available in the following versions:

  • for tightening on the hardened foundation
  • for setting in concrete during the manufacture of the foundation

The first-mentioned post shoes for screwing have a plate with holes under the receptacle for the post. Post shoes for setting in concrete in U-shape, however, are equipped in the middle with a rod which has a profiling.

In some post carriers, a small pole can be inserted transversely as an anchor. The following instructions for concreting in U-shaped post carriers refers to versions with profiled steel bar.

Step-by-step guide for setting in concrete a U-shaped post carrier

  • Post carrier in U-shape
  • cement
  • Surcharge for concrete (sand, gravel)
  • possibly gravel for a drainage layer
  • Tool for lifting the foundation
  • mortar bucket
  • Drilling machine with mortar whisk
  • Kellen
  • possibly formwork boards
  • leveler
  • alternatively spirit level with laser or with long metal profiles
  • a lath, 5 cm high and wider than the foundation excavation

1. Excavation of the foundation

First, the foundation must be dug. In most cases, foundations or strip foundations are built. Make sure that the foundation is frost-proof. For this, the sole must reach 80 to 120 cm deep. So that you do not need to concretes so deeply, you can create a compacted gravel layer as drainage.

2. stripping the foundation bed

It may be necessary to board the foundation bed. In the case of strip foundations, reinforcement can be made of structural steel, but depending on the static requirements, this is not always mandatory.

3. Concreting the first U-anchor shoe

Now the concrete is mixed. Even with small point foundations, pay attention to the correct mixing ratio of the concrete. Attach the leveling device to the post carrier and insert it. At this point, place the 5 cm high batten over the foundation first. Then the anchor shoe is supported in the still fresh concrete until it is cured.

4. Concrete in the second U-pillar beam

After the concrete of the first foundation could rest and harden, the second foundation follows. Do the same, but now you also need the spirit level with laser or a profile, which extends from one to the other pole support. Then the spirit level is placed on it to check that both anchor shoes are concreted in at the same height.

Tips & Tricks

Compact the concrete immediately after installation. You should also give the concrete enough time to dry. As a rule of thumb, there are 28 days that can change depending on the weather and the size of the foundation. If you also need the right mixing ratio for concrete, you can look it up here.

Product Image: stockphotofan1 / Shutterstock

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